This week has been another bad week,(more bad weeks this year than the whole 2011). Though I had recovered early in the week but spent tuesday night with the head in the toliet. Since then been on the mend but really suffered on todays log run. Knew thngs werent right after 2-3 miles but kept going until 8 befor calling it a day, couldn't even manage a jog back to the car.

On the plus side still 40 miles in the bank for the week , a drop of 2kg , still off the beer and no injuries so things could be a lot worse.


Monday 23rd January
5.5 mile easy in Corkagh tonight, nice that the evenings are getting brighter now almost managed to finish in day light.


Tuesday 24th Jan
6 miles very slow, felt good for the first two miles then was a real slog after, turned the garmin of and just ran at a pace that felt easy, closer to walking at the moment.


Did you go to the doctor?


TheRoadRunner said:
Did you go to the doctor?

Yep was in on Monday morning, for a full medical everything seem to be ok, Waiting for some blood tests to be 100%. But just run down, was given some stuff to take for now but will know more at the end of the week.


6.5 windy miles today, pace was really slow again today but actually enjoyed this run. Though about tacking on another couple of mile to make 8 miles but though better of it.


Thursday 26th January

Rest day today. Actually would love to go for a run, enegry is on the up starting to feel ok. Will keep the pace really handy for the next few days.

87 days to go

Brianderunner Registered User

shels4ever said:
87 days to go

Not this bloody countdown again You'll stop as soon as the injury appears

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Brianderunner said:
Not this bloody countdown again You'll stop as soon as the injury appears

It's a one off countdown I hate countdowns.

This time there will be NO injury and just the fun of running around London. This whole plan is about makign the startline, I was too focused on times in the past. So a nice 4/5 hour jog around London will be nice.
Once I get that done, i'll destroy both calves in some crazy paced 5mile race during the summer.


Friday 27th Jan
6 handy miles today, when I arrived to run noticed that I had forgotten to pack my runners . So six miles in a retired pair that happend to be in the boot.


Sat 28th January

11.11 miles @ just under 9:30 pace. It has been a strange week. Usually my long run wouldnt be the fastest run of the week but enegry levels are getting back to normal now.


Sunday 29th January
6 miles recovery run today. Legs were a little tired but in a good way. Condition in corkagh park were terrible under foot, and at one point the ducks had take up part of my usual route. Decided that the condition were are bit to hard for a recovery run so took to the paths for the last 4 miles.


Monday 30th January.
5 miles easy @ 9:15 pace today. Condition were still bad underfoot but felt very good today, Found it hard to keep the pace slow at time as a bit of life has come back to the legs.


Tuesday 31st January.
Crazy day in work, wasnt able to get out at lunch and 10pm when I got out of the office. Decided to skip today run and use it as my rest day.

Wed 1st Feb
8 deadly miles tonight, busy day in work again and didnt get time to get to Corkagh , So down to the canal late this evening. Usually dont enjoy this section of running but today ever stride felt great. Ran an out and back route that brough me almost to the Track in Lucan, Need to hold back on the way home. Haven't felt this good since during the summer.


Thursday 2dn Febuary
Another late run along the canal tonight, didnt run with the garmin but kept the pace nice and easy. After a long day I really felt like adding a couple of mile onto the run but kept it to 6 miles. Will actually have some time today to get to the park in daylight, will be a nice change ..

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