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I'm looking for a short term loan and looking to see if any body in the waterford area might no of any nice people that could help me out!
Before anybody tells me about the high interest I know and my family cant help but I have no other choice.........

not even sure if this is the right Thread

El Weirdo Registered User

Have you spilled a fizzy drink on your keyboard?

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My name is URL Registered User

Seriously.. don't go down that road

Biggins Banned

* sigh *

Sean Quagmire Registered User

They'll take you're thumbs

papajimsmooth Registered User

Ill lend you money but seeing as you have no collateral im going to have to break your legs in advance. Ok?


I'll loan you some cash.

I'll just need your kneecaps as collateral.

biko Arbiter

Try the Personal Business section.
Good luck.

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