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According to the Indo this morning One Vision have withdrawn from negotiations regarding the provision of DTT services and the BAI have offered the contract to Easy TV (RTÉ/Liberty Global). An RTÉ spokesman said the consortium would "have to consider our position". Haven't found the story on the on-line edition of the paper (yet) but it is on page 22 of the print edition.

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Not a surprise really, the potential market for pay DTT in this country is dwindling by the month, all we can hope for now is that we have a fully functioning public DTT platform before too long..

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and saga continues..

As rte are involved with Easy tv, i presume that they knew from a while back that that Onevision wasn't gonna cut the cheese.
So.. I wonder did they start the ball rolling on Easy tv, in terms of organising the ground work for making agreements with various tv channels for the distribution of those channels via DTT, (and not spent the last while sitting on their laurels.)

If they have, hopefully it will speed everything up, and we can have a launch of pay dtt before xmas

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