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My corgie has not been putting weight on one of his front paws for the last few days and there is a painful looking lump just on the top between his toes.

I don't have a camera atm but this pic that I found online is very simular to what I am describing. It is between his first two toes on the left however and isn't quite as large in proportion to his paw.

He is putting a lot more weight on it today but it still looks very sore and he doesn't want you touching it at all. What could it be? Could there be a thorn or something in there?

My mother is wanting to wait and see if it gets better (typical old school) but I think the vet is needed here. I will be able to bring him on thursday if needed.

Any opinions guys?

So far we have been bathing it with warm salty water and antiseptic.

andreac Registered User

It sounds like hes got a prod of some sort and now theres an infection in there hence the swelling. There could be a bit of dirt or something inside it which can cause an infection.

I would advise you to go to the vets as if theres an infection there it will need antibiotics to clear it up and the longer its left the more the leg/paw will get infected. He might need it lanced to allow whatever is in there to come out.

The exact same thing happened my dog and i poulticed the paw before i got him to the vets and it started to draw the crap out of it and then the antibiotics helped clear the rest of it up then.

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Susannahmia Registered User

Thanks I think I'll step up my campaign for the vet. Just curious how did you poultice it? I tried leaving his paw to soak in warm salty water to see if it would bring it to a head but doggie dearest wasn't very cooperative for more than a minute or two. Anything applied to the paw gets licked off as soon as my back is turned too.

andreac Registered User

I work with horses so got an animalintex poultice and vet wrap and put it on his paw, the crap that it drew out was horrible so id imagine the same is in your dogs paw too by sounds of it.

Thing is the longer you leave it the more infected it becomes and could start travelling up the leg so i would go sooner rather than later. If you cant get it to come out it will just keep getting worse and worse.

Noopti Registered User

If it is an abcess then it needs to be treated. If it is not treated it could turn into a cyst, which would continually re-infect.

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