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Not suer if this is in the right forum but......
WOndering has anyone used hypnosis to give up smoking. If so, where did you go and was it successful? I'm looking for someone in the dublin / kildare area.
Really wanna give them up.

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It worked very well for a friend of mine but I don't know where he went. Apparently they ask why you are giving up and if you don't want to yourself (e.g. GF making you) they say it might not hold.

There's probably some info in the giving up smoking forum

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I know someone who used hypnosis to make them less shy and more confident. They said it didnt work to well. You feel good for a day or two then thats it.

Its quite funny as the hypnotist told him all the stuff you see Paul Mckenna do is a rubbish - the turning people into chickens or what not.

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My GF used a hypnotist to give up smoking at the end of January, and so far it has worked great. As one of the previuos posters have said though, it works better if it's something you really want for yourself, and not to do it because someone else is putting you under pressure.

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in 2007 i tried the paul mckenna on my ipod, could not afford real hypnosis- i live with a smoker so it was tough, but i did it. havent smoked since, so would really recommend it.

i have tried in the past, patches, inhalers, gum, Allen Car (successful for a year on that)-pretty much everything going and being a 20 a day for 16 years i was fairly commited to my fags, ive been known to even get up in the middle of the night purely for a fag

if you hate them, great, you are ready to give it a shot. a couple of pointers though which helped me.

there will never be a completely stress free time to quit - **** happens daily, and you will have to deal whether you are a smoker or not. so just pick a date and stick to it. i quit 4 weeks after the death of an immediate family member and now, im really glad i did, even crap days at work means that if i could quit while grieving nothing can make me a smoker again.

i went to my parents house in the arse of nowhere, for a long weekend (4-5 days) and told them i was quitting, handed them my car keys and wallet and told them not to give them to me under any circumstances until it was time for me to go back to my flat. after 4 days you have broken the habit, and you will have come so far that you wont want to cave in only to have to do it all again

bring lots of things to do, you will be restless and a bit cranky but if you have lots games, books, or ask for chores etc to keep you busy.

you will have the munchies, bring lots of nibbles (as healthy as possible) to keep munching.somehow with paul mckenna, i craved healthy stuff, like celery and salads, so did my sister when she quit with the same method. my weight didnt change much at all.

when you get a craving, it will last only a few mins, distract yourself, drink a glass of water, doing dishes, handwashing clothes is a good one to keep your hands wet and busy.

good luck with it! remember you are a non smoker the minute you put out the fag, its only sparking up another one that makes you a smoker

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My Mrs tried it a while ago & it was a complete waste of money. As I understand it, some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others.

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best money i ever spent, the same guy got my work mate(80 a day) off them too as well as my boss(20 a day) there are some out there that work on the 3 sessions and your cured job but they dont work.

of you want details pm me if your in dublin area.

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