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hi guys just wondering dt what broker(s) do you use? seems there are very few that can be trusted

goodmand88 Registered User

Hi, would any one have any info on decent books to aid with financial modelling and specifically equity valuation models? DCF models and the like. If any one has any advice when it comes to building models using Excel it would be much appreciated! I have started building some simple models some are better than others just want to hone the skills! Thanks!

waken Registered User

Hi Hashey
Have you had trouble with a broker, if so can you share that info so the rest of us can be aware.

neris Registered User


Daily commodities, index and metals videos on you tube from the brokerage firm MF Global in Chicago.

The videos from their analyst Jim Comiskey who does the metals are worth a watch at time. Amusing and the guy has a bit of personality

shangri la Registered User

Recommend a good book on technical analysis and charting. Thanks.

soddy1979 Registered User

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. Murphy

Man of Aran Registered User

The 3 books by Peter Lynch ex Fidelity , like Templeton just timeless.
Beating the Street, One Up On Wall St and Learn to Earn.

Another great read for every Irish teenager would be the Wealthy Barber by David Chilton, the original one. Should be mandatory in schools, then the next generation may not repeat the mistakes of the Tiger Years.

HobbyMan Banned

I have recently started a new website based on value investing.


There's a blog on the home page in which I detail my own investments, those of Warren Buffett in his early days etc etc. I try to update it daily.

There is also a newsletter and the January edition covers, amongst other things, 4 Japanese stocks trading at less than net cash. These could take a while to come good so this site is about investing not speculating.

The newsletter also has a portfolio etc. There's more information on the About Me page.

Feel free to comment on the blogs.

Also please feel free to give your opinion ( comments/suggestions etc ) on the site via PM on Boards.

I have been investing full time since 2005 so have learned a few lessons. My site mainly works on fundamental analysis with a tiny bit of TA and it's for investing not speculating.

I'll be changing some of the text soon and there's a great new feature coming soon.

The aim of the site is to help beginner/intermediate investors invest with less risk.


TJ Mackie Registered User

Can anybody recommend some good non-fiction books that are more story-like and entertaining rather than educational? i.e. books I've really enjoyed are Wolf of Wall Street, Smartest Guys in the Room, Liar's Poker etc. Thanks.


How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes by Peter Schiff is an excellent read. Nice and simple and there are very good things to take from it. If you dont know Schiff, search youtube for the Peter Schiff was Right video!

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