Hey folks,
OK i'm looking for recommendations of a good dentist in Dublin city centre area, either north or south Dublin. I don't just want to walk into a random one not knowing if they come highly recommended or not. The reason is I have to get internal bleaching done on one tooth, it's a costly procedure(for a student) and I want it to be done well, naturally.
So if you guys could help out it would be great.

fitzgeme Glorious Master Race

Recommendation by PM please as per charter...thanks

Big_G Moderator

replies by pm only please

EDIT: Beat me to it.


Would appreciate pm recommendation for a good dentist in Phibsboro/Glasnevin or if not possible - city center.

jenny4385 Registered User

Im soo scared to go to the dentist that i dont even think i can ring up to make an appointmenet.. can someone pm me name of a good one on northsde dublin

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day dreamer Registered User

Hi Jenny

****day dreamer...you should have known better ...PM's only*****

GalwayGunner Registered User

Can someone recommend a dentist in Ranelagh/Clonskeagh/Belfield area???

PM me please!

day dreamer Registered User

sorry fitzgeme, thought I had sent it as a PM

esmedublin Registered User

Please PM me details of any denists you can personally recommend in Dublin 1, 7 or 9 (or central southside at a push! )

Thank you

mch82 Registered User

Likewise would appreciate any dentist Recomendations In the city centre. Thanks in advance

fmul9798 Registered User

Pm please for dentist in north or south inner city. Thanks.

Yillan Registered User

Can someone recommend me a dentist in Dublin city centre? I've just moved and need to start setting down some roots. (heh)

Anywhere in the city or on the Green Luas line would suit. Cheers. Dublin 8 Ideal

Shoves Registered User


Can someone please PM me any recommendations of a good dentist in IFSC who won't cost a fortune



There is a really good website called http://whatclinic.com and you can look for quotes and tells you where the dentist is located. I found that really good start for looking for dentists and most up there have good reputations and good customer reviews!

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georgieporgy Registered User

that's just the new name for Revahealth.com.

I asked them to take my name off their site.

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