are there any entertaining books in the hardiman library? or do i have to go into town to find something consumable? im not talking about books for studying, just for general entertainment.

MissMiami Registered User

I think there are books in the browsing room that are for entertainment, like I saw the book Marley and Me in there one day so you might find something you like!


yeah, there is. search the catalog with the computers for anything you might like. i found a good few stephen king novels in the library.


Yeah, the browsing room on the ground floor has a whole shelf full of entertaining books. I know I definately saw Cecelia Ahern there!

pg633 Registered User

There are comic/cartoon books like Tintin there.

A great way to learn French.

Aglomerado Registered User

There used to be a book about humour across different cultures, packed with risque jokes. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it but it kept me amused... fairly old hardback I think.

Edit: A quick search of the OPAC - I think this is it: Ethnic humor around the world : a comparative analysis - Christie Davies

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