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If you are new to or if you just have a question and you need an answer, the Boards FAQ should be your first stop.
If you cant find the answer there, contact one of the Moderators.

The following is a list of rules that should be followed when posting in this forum. This list is not exhaustive. Failure to comply may result in an infraction or ban.

Keep it civil

Usual rules apply. No trolling, flaming, trying to get a rise out of people.

Fair comment and constructive criticism about teachers and lecturers is permitted in this forum. However posts with general sweeping statements criticising all teachers or lecturers, or those naming and abusing particular individuals may result in the poster being banned from the forum.

Personal Information

Please do not post personal information about yourself or about anyone else, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Problems With Posts/Posters

If you have a problem with a post or a poster, use the Report Post button (the little red triangle) and let the moderators deal with it. Back seat moderating is not permitted.

Off-Topic Posts

Please stay on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. If you continue to post off-topic posts you may be infracted or banned.


Advertising of products and/or services is not allowed. Spammers and shills are also not tolerated. If you wish to buy ad space, contact

Help With Assignments

Please don't discuss or offer the answers to specific assignments or questions. This is especially relevant to those offering help for financial reward.

FETAC Communications Assignments

Please don't use the forum to post showing that you can post to a forum. There is a test forum for that purpose. Repeat posts here from FETAC classes will be deleted and/or locked.
Here is the test forum:

Search Function

Because of the nature of this forum, many questions are asked over and over again. Please use the search function before starting a new thread.

Normal rules also apply.

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