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What if a weed connoisseur bought an ounce of marijuana over the interwebs and got the goods delivered to his current residence using a false name

What Would the legal ramification be if the package didnt make if through customs or got delivered only to find the garda at this door

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Section 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act - Simple Possession of a Controlled Substance...? Its mailed to your address its coming into your possession.

What are you asking? Will the stuff make it though the post? If the Customs/Garda is at the door he will likely have a warrant and will go through everything you own. The false name wouldn't really hold weight or come into it i don't think, other than making one look more guilty.

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its more likely that the gardai would set up a "sting" ..... so would have a raid seconds/minutes after the delivery.....if you accept delivery for the package then you face a prosecution for possession.

ohdatlewis Registered User

haha go for it bud and come back to us on it. Wouldn't mind knowing for future reference!

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i guess you will be going on a long holiday, when delivery come to your door, there will be a blue and white taxi waiting outside

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I have no experience with this myself, but I did hear of it happening to someone I know.

Basically customs seized the drugs and sent him a letter saying they had confiscated the stuff and if he would like to claim it to please contact them or something.

Essentially nothing happens I think.

Think about it though... Just because someone posts you weed that by no means implies it was yourself who sent it or that you were aware of it being posted to you.

They would need proof that you sent it to yourself. Can you imagine how hard that would be to do?

Else you could just post weed to anybody you didn't like and get them arrested... ridiculous scenario!

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