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Thanks I&P. The R402 looks like a fairly substantial job.
Great to see something going on!

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The R402 there is horrible as-is. Satnav brought me over it on the way home from Portarlington one night where I decided the M7 was too far away to go back to - my mistake!

The R132 works seem to just be resurfacing, not the dualling which FCC have planned - as far as I know FCC want the R132 to be dualled from Quickpark to the county boundary eventually.


I've just completed my search on 'etenders' and updated my post accordingly!

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" An at grade roundabout junction;" on the N4 scheme has me worried now...

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MYOB said:
" An at grade roundabout junction;" on the N4 scheme has me worried now...

Yep. That's a bit weird. Where is it to be?


MYOB said:
" An at grade roundabout junction;" on the N4 scheme has me worried now...

I think that description refers to the tie-in between the old N4 and the proposed interchange link road.

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A tribute to the Kenny/Gilmore regime that this thread has not been updated since July; a period when we have poured approx. €14 billion into Anglo and the other dead banks.

In fact, we have poured more money into dead banks to pay debts we never incurred than the entire spend on infrastructure since we joined the EU in 1973. Including the non-EU spending of the Celtic Tiger years.

And are you folk angry?

Shucks no! You'd rather spend endless hours and years debating whether the road between Dublin and Waterford really needed to be a motorway atall atall.

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Good news!

In yesterday's Indo - Moycullen is to be bypassed.

Wasn't expecting this one - came a bit out of the blue

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Until its the actual contract award I won't believe its happening - they started planning this in the 70s!

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just for posterity heres 2 relating to the upcoming NTA journey planner

NaPTAN database
The Authority wishes to acquire location and attribute data for every transit node in the Republic of Ireland.
This information will facilitate the following statutory responsibilities as set out in the DTA Act 2008 and SI 139 2010:
The National Intermodal Journey Planner
Real Time Passenger Information
Bus licensing
Transportation Planning
Promotion of sustainable travel modes
Taxi Regulation
The scope of data acquisition shall include the recording of the following transit node types- On street Bus stops- Bus bays- Tram platforms- Coach gate in Bus Station- Bus station entrance- Rail platform- Rail access- Railway station entrance- Ferryport Access (berth)- Ferry Terminal Entrance- Taxi Rank- Shared Taxi Rank- Airport EntranceThe National transit node data acquired under the proposed contract shall adhere to the NaPTAN 2.4 data schema.


and the tender award for the planner itsself

Provision of A National Intermodal Journey Planner
The National Transport Authority (NTA) wishes to procure a National Intermodal Journey Planner (NIJP). It is intended that a NIJP will provide transport users in Ireland with a fully functional journey planning service covering all transportation modes including cycles, trams, buses, trains and taxi services. The NTA will also require, as part of the same procurement exercise, a data management service during the implementation and operation of the NIJP. This service will carry out a number of tasks prioritised by the NTA, to collect, import, publish and maintain all the data requirements of the NIJP.


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Heres an intesting tender just out!

TENDER: Strategic review of Rosslare port Publication Date: 17/10/2012
Abstract: The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is seeking tenders from suitably qualified parties in regard to the undertaking of a strategic review of the current and future role of Rosslare port.

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