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Does anybody out there remember a game for the PS1 where you were in control of a small boy in the jungle?

His weapon was a boomerang, and if I recall, the boss at the end of the water level level was a giant squid.

This has been annoying me for ages!

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Any chance you're thinking of Tombi?

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Thank you. Great game. Absolute Classic.

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Actually, the character of Tomba looks really like the protaganist in the game I'm thinking of. But the plot I read on wikipedia doesn't ring a bell.

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There was a Tomba 2 as well.

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Could it have been Klonoa?


Tombi! Is an absolute classic game. It's number 1 on my favourite games list. It even beats Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Mario, Zelda etc.

Unfortunately I lost it when I was younger, but I bought it on eBay just 2 days ago.

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