Hi there, going unreg for this one..

So I found out a couple of days ago that I'm pregnant, I had 2 miscarriages in the past year or 2 so naturally I'm feeling quite anxious this time around

I went along to my GP this morning, who is a fantasitic Doctor and has been my GP since before I was born.

Unfortunately she was not there and in her place was an elderly female locum (sp) fine I thought.

Anyway, when I told her my dates she looked at me like I was crazy and stated that "this is way to early to be thinking about doing anything as I'm not even 5 weeks" Like I didn't already know how far gone I am??

I told her about my history and that the reason I was eger to get the pregnancy on file was incase it happens again and we will naturally be wanting to have tests done to find out what the problem is.. She didn't seem to get what I was saying, and was completely devoid of any sympathy, which I wasn't looking for btw, she almost acted as though I was annoying her, taking up her precious time.. I'm still fuming here as I'm writing this.

I told her that I had booked a scan with the Early Pregnancy Unit at the Rotunda, (who have been nothing but helpful, and have told me to go straight in if I feel the slightest bit off or begin to bleed) and that I have also booked an early private scan at week 7 to assess the heartbeat (for my own peace of mind) to which she took off her glasses abruptly and told me I was "wasting my money" and that basically if I'm going to loose it, there's nothing I can do.. Does she honestly thing I don't bloody know that???

She begrudgingly took my details, filled in a card for the Hospital and gave me a cup to pee in the next time I come back ("after week 12 preferably")

I asked her if she wanted me to do a test there and then and she said "well you did a home test so that's good enough, and if I test you now I'll have to charge you" WTF.. As far as I'm aware, all pre-natal care is covered including the initial test?? I'm open to correction though.. I know I definately didn't have to pay anything last time round..

She didn't even ask me if I was taking folic acid..


Am I getting bent out of shape over nothing here? Is she right?


I went in feeling so happy and came out feeling like I might aswel just give up


The first visit to the dr where you have a test is not covered.
I do thinkher attitude stinks, I suggest you complain to your dr when they are back.

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KillerKity Registered User

What an oul bag! I fully understand where you're coming from, of course you know it's early days but you want to do all you can to hang onto this little one. If I were you I'd go to my doc when she comes back and explain what happened. Also, try to focus on the positive and helpful people you've encountered so far, it'll be much better for you in the long run. Good luck with everything xx

crazy cat lady Registered User

My visit to the Dr to confirm the pregnancy was covered. She sounds like a dragon. I'd put in a complaint against her!

Congratulations on the pregnancy, fingers crossed it works out for you. I know its a very anxious time, but try and enjoy the fact that unless something goes wrong (and please god it won't!) you have a little life growing inside you and you should try and enjoy that.

I was so so scared when we found out that I was pregnant after the miscarriage, but as my husband kept saying "pregnant until proven otherwise". Oh and we 'wasted our money' on early private scans too. I'd 'waste' every penny I had to my name for the peace of mind it brought seeing that little flicker on the screen.

I really hope it works out for you. Don't mind that cow of a doctor, she obviously has never had to suffer the heartache of losing a baby. I'd be surprised if she even has children at all!

Good Luck

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Thanks for the replies ladies.

Well so far so good, touch wood

I was kicking myself all day yesterday that I didn't stand up to her more and let her know how disgusted I was with the way she treated me, I will definately be telling my own GP about it when I see her, and as someone said, she obviously has never lost a baby.. ould b1tch

Crazy Cat Lady I like your thinking with the 'pregnant until proven otherwise' a very good way to look at it..

I still can't believe how defiant she was that we were "wasting our money" with the 7 week scan?? She seemed to think that I was so ignorant that I thought there was something that could be done to stop a miscarriage.. When all we want to do is find out sooner rather than later if it's viable..

Well thanks again guys.. I will keep you updated on our progress

Fingers crossed eh x

implausible Registered User

What a horrible cow! Make sure you inform your regular GP when she comes back, I'm sure she wouldn't be happy with a replacement like that.

Btw, some docs will charge for the first appointment, it's not automatic, but again, I'd say it to your GP. She probably would like her locum to behave as she would.

Hope all goes well for you OP and keep positive!

Terpsichore Ch√Ęteau Cardboard

With such high level of unfriendliness from a GP... only trust the care and close follow up you are going to receive from the hospital. Because of your past history, they should monitor you carefully. And don't hesitate to let them know if you're not happy with the service you have received. I know they are busy with the current baby boom, but still, you should leave them with all your questions and worries answered and explained. Go with a list of question written before hand.

I told a colleague of mine she had to insist to be seen earlier by the hospital. She didn't really mentioned that she had a miscariage 3 months prior! They moved her first appointment earlier. Still when she came back from one of her scans at 11 weeks, she said she didn't really see the baby moving (which I could but from a private scan machine... are the services so different from hospital to private scans???) and she also said that the nurse told her it was too early to listen to the heart beat, which sounds silly to me... It's one of the big things you're expecting to hear when going for a scan...

Make sure you feel comfortable with whoever is taking care of you and that you are happy with the amount of information you get from them.

All the best!

RobFowl Moderator

The first visit is covered by the mother and child scheme but the a test is not. Some GP's will do it anyway as but technically are entitled to charge for it.

That attitude is appalling and I hope you don't take it to heart.

Say it to your regular GP next time you see him/her as feedback helps them decide whether to use certain locums again.

Khannie Make your dreams happen

disheartened123 said:
to which she took off her glasses abruptly and told me I was "wasting my money" and that basically if I'm going to loose it, there's nothing I can do.. Does she honestly thing I don't bloody know that???

Complete geebag. I know I shouldn't use language like that, but it's an emotive topic so I'm allowing myself this one.

We did the 7 week scan privately on the last one. Definitely pre-8 weeks. It's one of those things....we knew we might not see a heartbeat because it was so early but let me tell you; the relief was magic. Well worth the money. Had we not seen it we would definitely have been in a jocker though, even though there may have been nothing wrong. It's a tough call.

Anyway, congratulations and good luck with the pregnancy.

cbyrd Registered User

What a bitch... it doesn't matter if you're 5 weeks or 35 weeks you're pregnant and deserve the care and compassion that comes with the fact you are two people...
i honestly wouldn't have kept calm.. i'd've given out to her and then blamed hormones

congratulations and fingers crossed for you that everything goes ok



I just wanted to say that that GP sounds horrible and she had no right to treat you in that way. It is the last thing you needed!! What a pessimistic, nasty attitude to have >

The posters above have the right idea about infoming your regular GP!

Asides from that, congratulations on your good news I'm so happy for you and hope it all goes well.

I also wanted to give you some positivity.. I myself, had 2 miscarriages before going on to have a sucessful pregnancy (my son is now 5). I still don't know why I miscarried, they done one or two tests and everything looked fine and I'm a non-smoker plus non-drinker, took my folic acid etc. Thought I done everything right and it still happened. Unexplainable. But there IS light at the end of the tunnel
I went for 2 early scans when pregnant on my son and found them very reassuring (even though I was still always gonna be worried at the back of my mind until he came along). But all went well for me thank God.

I now have 2 gorgeous kiddies and even though my daughter was a few yrs after my son was born, I still paid for a private scan early-on for the peace of mind. Anyone who has had a miscarriage will understand this and won't critisize you for wanting to know if everything's as it should be.

So best wishes and Good luck with everything and try to stay hopeful & positive, third time lucky just like me I hope x x x x x


Thanks for all the lovely replies girls it's always great to hear other peoples experiences..

Inthesameboat thanks for that, I'm so happy things went so well for you

Well so far so good here, only 2 weeks left till my early scan, I'm still very anxious and I'm just taking each day as it comes, eating well, taking my vitamins and not drinking etc.. but it's so hard to let myself be happy when I've been 'bitten' twice before.. I guess it's probably for the best that I don't get too carried away though, at least until we've got a better idea of what's happening.

Fingers crossed and roll on the scan :/

Thanks again for the kind responses ladies

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