jeff lebowski Registered User


I'm just about to buy this: to connect my PC to my large screen LCD TV.

Does anyone know, will this carry the sound from the PC as well or do I need a seperate connection for that?


Deano12345 Registered User

Yes, it will carry audio and video

jeff lebowski Registered User

Are you 100% sure? I presumed it would work fine but was only asking as I found this:

Haven't connected the PC to the tele before so not 100% on the whole thing.

Thanks for your help.

Lu Tze Registered User

I bought one of these off komplett, and no it did not carry sound unfortunately. What did work though that was with an older graphics card(hd2400 pro, so i don't know if sound over hdmi is even supported). Have a 4870 now, and still have the cable so if you want i can try it out this evening for you?

jeff lebowski Registered User

Yeah, if you could try that out for me I'd appreciate it, thanks . The solution on that other forum (from the link above) said you connect a normal HDMI cable to an adapter that goes in your DVI slot.....but that seems just the same as a DVI to HDMI cable, only with an extra middleman if you will?

Lu Tze Registered User

There is no mention of audio in the description. I bought a hdmi cable a while back when i got a HD4670, but can't remember testing the other cable on it! I am sure i must have had a valid reason for getting the new cable!

Did you get a HDMI-DVI adaptor with the card?

I'll check when i get home, but it will probably be after 7-8 o clock.

jeff lebowski Registered User

Any luck?

Lu Tze Registered User

Totally forgot to reply back! I tried it earlier, the dvi to hdmi cable doesnt transmit the sound! i also tried the hdmi to dvi connector + hdmi cable and that works fine.

Hope this helps

dreamers75 Registered User

you need the ATI HDMI connector a normal one wont work.

google it tis fairly cheap.

Lu Tze Registered User

There may be one in the box that the card came in. mine had one.

I would give you mine but do use it occasionally

jeff lebowski Registered User

Cheers lads. I just dug around the box with all my driver discs and odds and ends that came with the PC and hidden in there I found the ATI HDMI - DVI adapter. I'll just get a normal cable now and that'll be it sorted.

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