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I have enough points on my supervalu card to get a weekend away gives you a great deal but there are so many hotels to choose from I don't know where to start! Anyone got any recommendations?


Myself and my partner used the SuperValu vouchers to stay in the Fitzwilton Hotel in Waterford about 18 months ago and I have to say for the money it was top class. Great staff and food and the room was exactly what you expect from a four star place.

The hotel bar was nicely decorated but very empty (we doubled the customers for the one drink we stayed on a Friday night at about 9ish, so quickly made our ways into town) so we just walked about 10 mins from the main areas and found some great pubs and clubs. I would not go back as I am just like that, once I have been somewhere I refuse to go back as i don't see the point. But defo recomend the place and its fairly modern and secure car park. Value for money all told.

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Sheen falls near Kenmare in Kerry appears in the list.
If it's free I'd go with that one.

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Just back from Maryborough House Hotel in Douglas Cork. Got married there a few years ago and go back regularly. Only discovered it is on the Supervalu list this weekend. Nice leisure centre and really nice SPA. They also have a new small pet farm in the grounds which is nice for kids.

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