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Please note I wont be accepting any trades of any kind as the sale of both of these is to REDUCE my collection.

Item 1:

Price:90eur No offers please.

Army armament MEU 1911.

Perfect condition, no marks at all.

Never skirmished.

3 mags through it.

Threaded heavy weight barrel installed.

Includes original barrel, box and manual.

Foam lined silencer with threaded barrel adapter, please note adapter is locked in place internally on the silencer as adapter and silencer cap unscrewed in reverse directions meaning it was very difficult to get a tight fit.... this has been solved.

Item 2:

Price: 50euro, no offers please.

Army armaments Glock 17

Bought from Ninjalmk

In perfect condition, no marks at all

Never skirmished.

Includes box and manual.

Paypal only please, can post anywhere in IRL but this will add €5 eur to the cost the the item. Based in Limerick.

pics below.....

J.D.R Registered User

If you post for 50, I'll offer that on item 2, assuming its n perfect working order Sorry, have to take back offer, as sae they are gas and not CO2.


hightower1 Registered User

Yeah its in perfect condition, selling it cause its a big too angular for my liking. 50 and I'll pay postage on this one so. Wanna send me a PM so?

J.D.R Registered User

Sorry, but see the edit.

Unless, do you know if it can take CO2 mags?

hightower1 Registered User

I have only ever used gas in it mate not co2 so I'm unsure. I doubt it'd take co2 tbh I'd never try it in anything that didnt specifically say so.

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J.D.R Registered User

Ah, right. How many shots do you get out of one fill of gas?

hightower1 Registered User

just tested there at room temp and got off 35 rounds, mag holds 22. Thats with the metal slide, with a plastic one installed it'd be more I'd imagine.

J.D.R Registered User

Sorry, but I don't think It would be for me so.

Thanks anyway, and good luck with the sale

hightower1 Registered User

No problem mate, thanks for the interest

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The_Joker Registered User

Offer asking on Army armament MEU 1911 if you'll post or if you're around Limerick I can collect?

hightower1 Registered User

Hi ya Joker, I'm based in LMK city center so if you can collect thats grand.
Wanna send a PM so?

The_ChiefDUB Registered User

I'll offer you 50 on the Glock if you're including postage.

hightower1 Registered User

Ok thats a deal so, wanna send on a PM there.

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