Hi ,was just looking to find out if the vodafone usb dongles generally use a lot of resources ?

I'm running windows 7 with eset essentials.
As soon as I start using the dongle ,I'm going from 40% to 90% ,my cpu usage is 50% for the vodafone connect software. Around 30% for eset.

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I use the Vodafone Dongle every day (k3520) and dont experience any issues, Run Windows 7 64bit Enterprise (work).

If you turn off ESET does the problem go away ?

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I tried that just now and it seems to be the Mobile Connect program that causes the problem.
The thing that bothers me about it is ,it's eating the battery on my laptop. My dongle is the k7365.
Cpu is clocking minimum 60% when idle and the cpu guage is showing continous usage ,when I close mobile connect it goes back to 7%

I'm using windows 7 ,32 ,professional.

Do I need to use mobile connect for the k7365 ?

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yoshytoshy said:

Do I need to use mobile connect for the k7365 ?

You should be able to set it up as a bog standard dial up connection, which should negate the need for the connection manager.

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Thanks for the help folks.

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