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Just got new kitchen fitted and can't decide on a colour for the tiles -cream/vanilla (on the yellow side!) cupboards with black granite work tops. Wooden floor (light oak).

All the tiles I see in the shops are very neutral -beige/magnolia colours. I want a colour.....just can't decide what would look good and can't afford to retile again in a year or so if I don't like it so.........any suggestions. Can't just go with paint and a glass/perspex splashback as when the original tiles were removed the wall is in a state behind them- would need replastering if I wanted to paint it.

Any ideas???

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My parents had a similar colour scheme and went for bright turquoise. It looks amazing and won't go out of fashion.

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Interesting- someone else suggested duck egg blue but do you think I can find any tiles in that colour?

All the tile shops seem to have are red, cream ,variations of magnolia. Will have a scout around for turquoise.

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I got a new kicthen put in last year and had a similar dilemma, there was really old blue & yellow tiles on the wall above the coutertop really dated looking , pulled off the tiles and left the wall in a state, we got it replastered and then we painted but wasnt 100% happy with the paint look , the colour was right but not the look , decided to get a back splash from colourglass and I love it and more importantly she does!!!

I posted here http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2055344173

Considering you probably have spent a good few bob on the kitchen like myself , I found it well worth the extra few bob to get the backsplash in .

obviously all down to taste , but I wouldn't let the state of the wall stop you !!! anyway thats my two cents ...

****No affilaition by the way***

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