Bit of a deviation from the present stressfull situation. Stick your ear against the speaker for the best (and possibly the last) alien encounter you're ever gonna hear.
Clem from Multyfarnhan.........

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Tom Dunne can be painful to listen to at the best of times tbh

almost turned it off before your man even started talking!

edit- i am glad i didnt though, definitely worth it!

"i called him Seamus"


lads, this needs to be listened to, it just keeps getting better!

Richard tea Registered User

Pure comedy gold The speaker is quite witty to come up with a story like that.


Nearly sure it's the comedy genius of Joe Rooney. Half of me believes that somewhere out there is an antique waldrobe. Where an alien head wears a Tony Blair mask.

My name is URL Registered User

This is brilliant.. when he stated listing off the powers he has since the encounter I literally spooked the dog by laughing

Robbyn Registered User

Funniest thing I saw on the internet in a good while :')

digme Banned

lol that's gas
a washing machine and a honda civic to find the aliens lol

DeBunny Registered User

'' I got d'alien in a headlock, wasn't much more than a head like''

Yeah it does sound a lot like Joe Rooney

''Four cups of tea from one tea bag........... FOUR CUPS OF TEA!''

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