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Hi I have just bought a Garmin Oregon 300 handheld GPS unit from a friend. But he does not have the software for the computer, I have had a look around the Garmin site and it all seems a little complex.

Basically my question is do I really need to have the software for my PC and where can I get it, ideally for free?

What is the software called?

Thanks in advance

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There is no software delivered with the Oregon, apart from a CD with the User Manual on it.

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Cool thankx Alun

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No problem, although my response was maybe a little tongue in cheek There is, of course, a whole raft of software out there that will work with the Oregon, depending on what exactly you want to do with it. Some is free and some isn't.

A great resource to help in understanding your new toy is ...

Also, one of the first things to do is to download and install the USB drivers from Garmin's website and connect it up. Then download and install WebUpdater to check the s/w version and update it if necessary.

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foolelle said:

Basically my question is do I really need to have the software for my PC and where can I get it, ideally for free?

Software for the Oregon 300 can be found here. You don't need to install any of it, but the WebUpdater can be handy to keep your unit firmware up to date (as Alun mentions).

You could consider installing POI Loader if you want to add POI to the unit.

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You could install Basecamp if you want to manage tracks and waypoints

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thanks everyone had enough there to get me started now all i have to do is get my head around the programmes etc.

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You can also download software from "Sendmap" and then down load mapping from and load it to your unit, it really is very simple and it works and its free!! How to install Mapsets on a Garmin usb compatible GPS device

Download and install Sendmap20 from

Create a folder on your desktop called “Maps”

Download the file “Irelandmap189setup.exe” from to your desktop

Doubleclick the file “Irelandmap189setup.exe” or new version

Follow the instructions and when asked browse for the folder “Maps” on your desktop.

On the next screen select the default “Full Installation option”

On the next screen select “Install”

The data files are now extracted to the “Maps “ folder.

Click the “Finish” option, close the information notice that opens.

Connect you GPS to you PC using your usb cable.

Open the “Sendmap” program.

Click the “Add maps” button

Browse to you desktop and open the “Maps” folder you have previously created

Open the folder called “img”

Select the 6 files numbered 10000101 to 10000106 with the extention .img only by dragging a box over them then click on the “open “ option. ( I had to leave out files 3 and 4 to get this to work but it has all the relevant info for walking)

The 6 files will appear in your window in the “Sendmap” program.

Click on the “Connect” button and you should see your GPS units name appear below the button.

Click on the “Upload maps to GPS” button in the bottom left .

The maps will be sent to your GPS

You will now have a 6 layered mapset on your map view screen in your GPS.

You can adjust the detail / settings with reference to your GPS instruction book.

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hi glenalla thats great thanks for the tip, im having issues thought, when i download sendmap, extract all the files i click on the send map icon in the new folder put it seems to just open a dos page, just a black window with a flashing cursor in the top left hand corner.
is this right?

Glenalla Registered User

Another window should open on top of the black screen allowing you to import the maps and then load them to your gps. If you want to email me I can send you the software as a zip file, I have just tested it and it works fine.

foolelle Registered User

Having issues with my maps now. I updated the unit software as suggested by webupdater. now it seems all the street names are missing from my maps.

Am i right to be very annoyed about this?

It seems garmin are aware of this problem with their newest software update, but surly this kind of simple stuff should have been tested inhouse before it was realised to the public?

Well pissed off with this!!

Alun Registered User

Happens all the time unfortunately. You can go back to the previous version if you want ... see the Oregon Wiki for details on how to do it. Although there are so many people complaining vociferously about this bug, that I'm sure a new fix will be forthcoming quite quickly.

Alun Registered User

There's a new update now available via Webupdater that fixes this bug.

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