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Hi all....

Ive seen two gorgeous dresses in my local Carraig Donn! There were €44 each.... Ive searched high up and low down on the web for these dresses, littlewoods.... boohoo.... ebay.... etc but no joy!!! I know you'll say just go back to the shop and buy them, but was hoping to get them at a bargain price if I could!!

Just wondering if anyone knows of a website for Villa/Vila? I done countless searches for Vila etc and found a few websites but no sign of these dresses... is there a parent company or anything?

Thanks a million


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#2 .

Sorry just noticed it's not the world's best football club your looking for

LizT Same same but different

Quick google search showed this. They deliver to Ireland too.

Cypresstree Registered User

Hi Lizt,

Yep, seen that website, but the two dresses I seen in the shop arent on it!!

LizT Same same but different

Cypresstree said:
Hi Lizt,

Yep, seen that website, but the two dresses I seen in the shop arent on it!!

Aww boo. Well good luck with the search. I hate having that feeling - seeing something you love and then for some reason not buying it, then thinking about it the rest of the day!!

Cypresstree Registered User

Tried ASOS.... no luck either.....

Keep the ideas coming!!!!

Thanks a million!!!!

LizT Same same but different

Are there pictures of the dresses on the carrig donn website? Just so we know what to look for!

Cypresstree Registered User

There are no photos... one is a cream v neck lace type dress, quite short, summer holiday kinda dress.

The other is a satin blue dress, with thick straps, kind of puff ball style with a panel at the bottom instead of a puff ?!?!?!?

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Why don't you ring another Vila and see if they have one and how much? If so could they send it to you?

Although I will say that E44 sounds about right for a dress in Vila. By the time youv'e paid postage, etc I don't think you will find the dress any cheaper.

Corruptedmorals Registered User

Vero Moda used to stock it but I think they only have Vila's accesory line- Pieces- now- also Vero Moda are in liquidation I'm pretty sure.

I work in a Dunnes which stocked it over a year ago..seriously the amount of refunds from it, hope you tried them on in Carraig Donn!

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Pamela Scott stocks Villa.

So does Shaws if thats near you

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As far as I know, the Vila clothing comes into those stores already priced so I think it may be hard to find them cheaper any where else tbh!

dresstoimpress Registered User

As far as i know villa are a european company, so you won't be able to buy cheaper in sterling or dollar on line. They do come in to shops already priced so you'll pay the same if you buy in a villa shop or a shop that is carrying villa such as carriag donn. But I do know that Carraig Donn are having a 20% off all stock this weekend
So fingers crossed its still there for you!

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