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Recently moved to Ashbourne, looking for any recommendations for GPs in the town.

I'm always slightly hesitant to visit the non-native-English speaking ones (of which there seem to be a few) simply because there can be a subtlety of language involved in describing one's symptoms that I know from experience sometimes gets lost in translation. On the other hand, pretty much all the Irish GPs I visited when I lived in Dublin were a singularly rude and unhelpful bunch anyway, hence the request

JayeL Registered User

Pat Watson (Deerpark Medical Centre) is great, I've been a patient of his for years and he's always been brilliant (haven't had to visit that often anyway).

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calum Registered User

Thanks for that. Would be about the furthest away from me, but it's not a big place I suppose

redfacedbear Registered User

Sorry, a bit late getting to this, but I would second Dr Watson. He was my doc when I lived in Ash and my family still use him.

asomeday Registered User

have heard some strange things about doc watson in the past few years.would highly recommend dr murphy over super valu...he is brilliant. himself & his wife run the family practice & if you have babies they have a specific surgery time to prevent infection from other patients.

i would recommend a chat with them

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