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Bus services cut to the point of why even bother to provide it.

From 13.50pm (dept Clogher) onwards there is no service into Drogheda unless your from/getting on in Grangebellew, at the utterly useless time of 17.05 and which is a direct service into Drogheda. They consulted no body (not that I was aware of it) on these cuts/time changes, in the middle of Feb I seen an A4 flyer on the window behind the bus driver with new time table and to be honest I was rightly shocked and disgusted. Last Saturday heading into Drogheda the bus was packed there was quite a few people standing including myself.

While I understand things like budget cuts etc having NO service from 2pm onwards heading towards Drogheda, is just nothing short of joke. The bus times (from Termonfeckin) which I used to get where very handy, as in, there was one around 4pm which ment I could head into town get my few bits done and be back out on the 6.15 again. I am just really annoyed by the whole.

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Was reading some old threads and saw this so felt it might be helpful to flag the new bus timetable that comes into effect on the Clogher route as of tomorrow, 25/11/2013:

* The route will continue beyond Drogheda to Duleek and Ashbourne.

* Times have been changed a bit.

* The bus will have a new stop adjacent to the hospital (O'Reilly Terrace)

* There will be an extra journey each way during the week at 3.20pm from Drogheda and at 4pm from Clogher back to Drogheda.

* The buses to/from Grangebellew are at the same times - it's possible to use these too to travel between Clogher/Termonfeckin and Drogheda.

More information & new timetable here.

There's also a piece in this week's Drogheda Independent.

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