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Just a warning to people about Fake Benefit products being sold on ebay. I bought mine from the UK, however the same products are being sold via Hong Kong/Chinese suppliers.

I bought
Glided Pencil: Highlight pencil, half the wood was just the inside of the pencil. The box looked good, but didnt seem completely real. Paint job on pencil not great. Key was the smell...smelt highly of petrol.

Justine Case: The benefit names on the bottles has a dot above the i (this should not be the case, as the f should be over the i). The bottles are meant to contain 2.5 ml. I could easily measure benetint and it only had 1.8 ml inside. The benetint left a horrible neon pink on my skin like a clown. There was grit inside the box (quite dirty). The bottles all smelt like petrol (same smell as before). The foundation cream was a horrible texture. It also did not contain much and did not fit into box properly. The label on back of box was lob sided.

Realness of Concealness: Again another really good copy and would be difficult to tell. The outer box had the label up higher (should be in centre). The outer box and inner box are slightly different shades. The bottles again looked small. But the main give away is the foundation cream. There was lemon aid and boi-ing 2 in this one. The boi-ing 2 was too dark compared to the real one i have. Both these creams had separated and were "sweating". Again with a layer of petrol/petroleum. Genuine make up does not sweat as it is tested in different temperatures.

I bought Lemon aid and Celabutane products also. It is difficult to tell. The celabutane "smelt" like real benefit and the benetint looked real.

Ok moral, dont buy cosmetics from ebay. They are really bad quality, fake and do you really want to put something near your eye that is strongly smells of petrol and has dirt in it? I think not.

Im open to see if anyone had the same experience. I know theres lots of fake MAC, but I didnt know the Benefit was fake too!!!

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Was still figuring out today if the Realness of Concealness was a looks of high quality. Then I read the instructions and i was rolling around laughing. (Normally they copy the instructions really well). See they call it Real Mess!!!

Realmess of concealness

concealers and enhancers mini kit containing Benefit's top selling.
[Concealer, and the combination of brightly colored]

Ooh La Lift
Reduc the bags under the eyes miraculously relaxed, natural plant extracts can be calm and compaction delicate skin around the eyes; real-time to upgrade to tighten the eyes belly.
Usage: Take appropriate amount to tighten the fluid. Evenly apply on bags under the eyes at you can.

Lip Plump:
Contains a unique formula lip gloss, lip blood vessels to stimulate the expansion will allow the weak, there is no angry lip fullness immediately rounded up and reshape lips.
Usage: take appropriate lip gloss, even smear on the lip can be.

High Beam
Smooth, soft pink cream by mining, generally used in the foreheard, brow, C District, nose and chin, it can make sense of the full face, three-dimensional look.
Usage: point in the brow with a small brush and outer corner of the eye to the cheekbone of this circle, and then use your fingers to open halo.

Lemon Aid
Cream detailed texture, a touch of lemon, can be an effective modification of eye pigmentation.
Soft, smooth, light eye concealer,
Usage: take appropriate eye concealer, even smear on the eyelid or the eye For the site can be modified

The world's best eye Zhexia cream with an effective modification hide dark circles and eye small flaws. Thin natural texture, extend the power of good.
Usage: Use your fingertips in a small dark circles and eye defects in their office to tap into the compartment.

Following this is some sort of 2 types of Chinese. Obvisously from the above, we know its completely fake, but furthermore, French and other European languages should have been on it...not just English/Chinese.Really all the Realness of Concealness currently on ebay is fake and you can see yourself how "real" they look. Its only after carefully examining the product you realise how fake it is. Plus I feel like passing out from the Toxic smell. Its really bad...and I work in a lab with Chemicals all day, and even I cant stand how Toxic this is smelling!!!

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Goodness, that sounds really manky hope they werent too expensive and you left feedback letting people know?

The benefit website actually ships to Ireland so you can get products for the US prices from there - even if you get stung with customs it still works out better - I was in florida last month and picked up a compact for $36 that is €48 here

ams Registered User

there is so much benefit stuff on ebay for cheap these days that it has to be fake. Hope you get your money back op;

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Thanks Molberts, I didnt know Benefit shipped outside of the US. I will be doing that from now on. They have some really great products and its the effect which they give you look for. Not the Package or name. These ebay products are really pure sh*te. They wouldnt cover a spot or blemish and prob give you cancer because who knows what they have put into them.

I have gotten a full refund for everything so far. I only got the Realness of Concealness today, and I seem to be slow getting a refund. I was quite silly as I bought it for £12. I just thought if I put up my experience, other people wouldnt fall for the same trap.

Ive just read about a Chinese ebay And they have all the copies!! Really its best to avoid it all together. Better off buying the legit Benefit/MAC or whatever perfume/cosmetics.

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TBH, you've got to watch out for the same thing when buying any high-end make-up from eBay - MAC etc. There's a lot of fake stuff out there

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Personally I wouldn't buy any make up from ebay anymore. Just too much fake stuff out there now unfortunately.

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Benefit Cupids Bow Pencil bought on ebay.

Picture 1: At 1st it looks like expected product. Box colour is not as vivid as real product. Paintwork on pencil is not as clear as expect.

Picture 2: The lip pencil is very dark, nearly dirty brown and not the expected dark rose colour. The cut of the pencil is not very good! The nib should be fatter and flat. The edging of the paint should be a clear cut, not as shown.

Picture 3: On closer inspection the "made" begins with small m and should be M. The Ib125 should be also in capital letters.

Picture 4: Instruction Sheet - Lets check that out. The UK postcode, W1H 5AF is down as WiH 5AF, obvisously not a London Postcode

Picture 5: Close up of instruction sheet....the words "penciltohighlight" are joined together, obvisously not a real product due to incorrect use of English. Despite it is meant to be from an "English speaking country"

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Benefit Glided Pencil:

Picture 1: Looks ok, paint work bit odd

Picture 2: Remove Lid....Nib very long, clearly this was not approved by any real Benefit Cosmetics. Paint work also not clearly printed. Photo cannot show, but this smells highly of petrol, and does not apply to skin, nor would you want to with the strong smell.

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Benefit Justine Case and Benefit Realness of Concealness:

Picture 1: 1st glance looks ok...maybe box a bit strange, bit so far you think its real

Picture 2: Again good copy, have to look closer to see the mistakes.

Picture 3: Back of Realness Concealness, London postcode is joined, no gap. It is W1H5AF and should be W1H 5AF

Picture 4: Sorry for poor quality, but it says "Realmess" instead of Realness. This is what gave this product truly away as a copy! The instructions as I describe above were in ridiculous English.

Picture 5: Left is fake, right is real Benetint. The fake lettering is slightly different. The colour looks brighter and when applied to skin, does not go on nicely.

magneticimpulse Registered User

Lets Look at the Benetint more closely:

Picture 1: Left fake, right real
Fake only had 1.8 ml and is smaller bottle, the brush is not as good quality and is more messy then the real one.

Picture 2: Back of the bottles. Although in this case the print is clear, it is still different

Picture 3: Now for application...the important bit since these are cosmetics. Left is the fake and even after little application it stains too strong and too pink!! Please note the camera did not show the "true" neon pink effect from the fake really is very bright clown pink/red. To give you a clown effect. Even after over application of the real Benetint it is still not so strong.

Both smell like Rose, though obvisously fake one is overpowering.

magneticimpulse Registered User

Now the High Beam for comparison:

Picture 1: Left fake, right real
Fake lettering is not as clearly printed as real one

Picture 2: Again on the left, the fake one has badly smudge printing on back of bottle

Picture 3: Left, the fake Highbeam is more like a cream and only slightly pigmented. The brush is different. The real Highbeam is more pigmented

Again it is difficult to fully distinguish between fake and real. Only with overall attention to the product as a whole can you find defects. Of course it is better to buy from only Benefit Store to avoid all this.

magneticimpulse Registered User

Some more notes on the Justine Case Box:

Picture 1: Both fake. Initially the california kissin' had more sparkle. After 2 weeks it is dull. Initial it also smelt minty, now it has a funny smelly old-sock like smell. It also made my throat sore/cough after a few minutes of application. I suspect it is not suitable to be applied to lips being a copy it is most likely not tested and I think this gives irritation.
The eyecon I do not have comparison. From online it looks slightly yellow, whereas this fake is white. In this case there is a dot above the "i" in Benefit, which should never be there....just the "f" over the i.

Picture 2: The Some Kind A Gorgeous cream smells like petrol, and as you can see there is a gap between it and the overall box. Does not seem like 2.2 g of product to me. Box although good copy, had dirt on it and it not completely smooth finish at edges. The label at back is also lob sided.

I hope all these photo helps. Of course it is really difficult to tell. But it was more for people who have already purchased Benefit from ebay to have a check and think again about what they purchased. For everyone else I advise you not to buy. I was able to get refund on some purchases, but now ebay will no longer refund me. They say I have to return the items by register post from Europe to China, at my own cost...which will be more then I spent in the 1st place. Hence I lose my money and the sellers continue to sell fake Benefit to people who dont think twice about checking if they are fake.

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I got a fake Dr. Feelgood skin balm last week. Tha packaging was pretty good, but there is a sticker missing from the back of the tin. The balm itself was very obviously fake - had sweated out, with crustiness on the surface, didn't feel anything like the genuine Dr.Feelgood and certainly did not have the same cosmetic effect - was like rubbing Frytex lard on my face.

I contacted the seller directly through his Paypal email address and told him I knew it was a fake - he refunded me straight away. If I had gone through Ebay or Paypal for a refund I would have had to send the item back tracked or have written proof that it was a fake, either way I would have been out of pocket.

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I will try to contact the seller again. As ebay want me to provide a tracking number (registered post), and send it back. Which would cost me 26.90 euro just to get back £7.99!!! It is completely ridiculous. Ok lets see how it goes...

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