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Hi Everyone,
I am 23 weeks pregnant and the baby is kicking like mad and dances to black eyed peas songs which is cool.
Some people say that if your bump goes to the front that its a boy and some people say if it goes to the side that its a girl. We didn't find out as we leaving it as a surprise as i'm due in july next between the 7th and 12th.

Oh i was wondering do anyone have any advice on dealing with stress also?

Oh also i was wondering do anyone know any good sites or good places to buy reasonable stuff for new babies as this is going to be our first and any advice is helpful.

Oh as this is our first i am a little scared bout the birth so does any mum have any advice for me about that also?

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Oh also i was wondering do anyone know any good sites or good places to buy reasonable stuff for new babies as this is going to be our first and any advice is helpful.

There is a thread on this forum called Pregnancy Bargains which should help you.

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I have two girls and carried completely different on both pregnancies. So I believe the shape/size of bump is just dependent on how big baby is/how baby is lying etc!

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Hey Blathnaid
Im due on the 14th July so where quite close ..Infact there is a few of us due in July
The kicking is mad happens at the funniest times in mid conversations with people lol
With regards the stress you just gotta decide if its worth it ...!

There is plenty of bargins to be had so my advice is defo shop around and pick bits up in the shopping each week

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Have you thought about doing a yoga class specifically for pregnancy? Will help your stress levels. And great for breathing during labour and keeping you calm.

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Hey Blathnaid.

  • Mothercare do a top up card thing, you could put money on it weekly and in no time you will see it all add up and you will be able to purchase your pram, cot etc.
  • In relation to the bump, i had a little girl and i was all to the front, it was like a perfect round football just out infront of me, we didnt find out either and i used to hear "Oh its a girl your all bump and nice and neat." from one person and the next would say "Oh your so neat its a boy, girls have such messy bumps"
  • Dont worry about the labour i know its harder said than done, i had no pain relief (i had to be induced at 41weeks and 3 days), i was on the oxytocin drip as after my waters were broken, madam still didnt want to make her presence in the world. The epidral would have slowed the labour even further and the drip was making me feel kind of quesy so they advised me not to have the gas and air and the tens machine was broken, so i just got on with it. My partner said i didnt say a word when i was pushing, and i honestly dont remember feeling pain pushing her out (8lbs 4oz), you almost go into a meditive state, you are completly focused on the task in hand and nothing else. I kept saying during the pregnancy no your not to look down there when im pushing and you honestly dont care if there was an entire football team in the room. Hey look at it from this point if it was so bad why would people have second and sebsequent children. Just think its one day, and you get to experience the joy of your new bundle after it, all worth it in the end.

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