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I received the unlock code for my Samsung B2100 from my service provider (O2).

Only problem is I can't figure out how to input the code???

I've tried with a SIM from another service provider and I've tried without any SIM inserted...

Whenever I input the code it just reads "Emergency Calls Only"

Help please?

LinHaX Registered User

ne and remove your existing SIM. Then, turn your phone back on; you will probably get a "SIM not inserted" message. Ignore it. Leave your phone for a few seconds to boot up, and then simply enter the code digit by digit using your keypad - you should see it coming up on the screen. Check the code very carefully as you enter it, and double-check before pressing the last button - you only get a limited number of attempts!
Once you press the lass button, a "SIM lock removed" message - or something along those lines - should pop up

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captainjack Registered User

Much obliged for the help.

Mystery solved, needed to insert a PIN protected SIM card from a different network

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