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This is so painfull to write it's not even funny!

Was doing a bit of motorway driving yesterday and all was grand. came off the motorway and noticed a funny noise in 2nd. Thought nothing of it really because 1) i was right beside my house just about to hope out of the car when i noticed it and 2) i was late for the pub!.

Cue waking up the next moring a little hung over. Went down the bank to pay some bills. I heard the noise again in 2nd but today it was louder a kind of "dud dud dud dud" type of noise if that makes any sense. Said to myself right, straigt of to the garage with this so. My local mechanic says its sounds like 2nd gear has chipped a tooth! Holy c**p me thinks. He gives me the number of a gearbox specialist and says to go to him. Drove down to this specialist (skipping 2nd gear) and he confirms my fears. states that car needs new 2nd gear and sounds like 3rd and 4th are on the way out too!

i have it booked in with him for wednesday morning. Im cringing at the cost of this to be honest as cash is tight. He states that including parts and labour al in ill rpobably be looking at in and around 700 or 800 euro to replay 2nd gear but what about 3rd and fourth????

I guess what i need to ask is firstly how the hell do you chip a tooth on a gear??? is it part of normal wear and tear of a gearbox??
Car is Japanese import Honda Accord Euro R CL7 6 speed manual.

Secondaly how much would i be looking to pay for all of this? roughly. The thoughts of this is mental really. Doesn't help when i was chating to my mate about it and he reckons that clutch has to be replaced to along with the gears. Is that true?

Any advice greatly appreciated, cheers lads.

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There might be nothing wrong with the clutch, but he will have the gearbox off for fixing it so he will be able to inspect it then. If it was me I'd be expecting the worse and hope for the best, but thats just me. If he reckons 3rd and 4th are starting to wear then the sensible thing is to replace them now as you would save on a lot of the labour if it goes again in 6 months time. That is of course if you trust his judgement and his honesty.

luckyD Registered User

Yeh i'm thinking that too. I'm willing to spend the cash to get the job done 100% and keep the labour costs down. last thing i want is for the gearbox to be taken out again 6 months down the line. Its going to be real expensive isn't it?

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It seems a little expensive for something that might go again shortly, I'd price the cost of a full gear box for your car on the net and go with that option if it's near the same price if you're gonna be replacing 3 gears you might as well do them all, would probably be much cheaper on labour too.

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A second hand box is also an option. Look up
to find a second hand box. These guys advertise the part that you are looking for and get back to you with different quotes from different garages in the UK. (chances are there isn't a second hand box in Ireland for the Euro R, but check anyway!)
I would have my reservations about rebuilding an already dodgey box. Can you trust the "gearbox specialist" to do all the gears? Will all the correct parts be used (i.e. Honda or spurious).
Unfortunaley - you are looking at €600 to €700 min. You will have to price up both jobs and see where you stand.
By the way, what milage is on the car? Have a look on some Honda fourms and see if those guys have any info for you.
Sorry for your troubles.

Atomic Pineapple Registered User

Is it doing a thud over and over again when in second gear or as you go into second gear?

brembo26 Registered User

I reckon a second hand gear box would work out cheaper for ya.

And how in gods name did you manage to break a jap honda gear box!?!

you must have been driving the balls out of it??

Theres a mechanic in galway that only deals with honda. Has every honda you can think of for parts as well. probably worth a phone call.

Honda Heaven 0868473223


luckyD Registered User

cheers lads for all the advice. trust me i know i dont think it was me that did the damage! seriously i dont really drive it that hard which makes me think the damage was done in japan. im first owner in ireland and only have it a year. its a sort of thud thud thud sound only in second. stays in the gear throughout all revs in it. horrible sound.
i was thinking that myself to be honest. lets say i do have it rebuilt and for out for new gears. will it be as strong as new??? doubt it. cheers for the ideas about second hand box. will check these out tomorrow and post results. NIGHTMARE!

Atomic Pineapple Registered User

It depends on the price of a replacement box but a rebuild with the broken parts replaced and some fresh Honda gearbox oil will be just as good.

What mileage is on it? A lot of Honda gear boxes start crunching from worn synchros but that doesn't sound like your problem.

It might have needed a gearbox oil change?

luckyD Registered User

cheers draffodx! ok so found crashed one in galway in elite motors. he charging me 900 euros for the box. 70,000km on it and is fully guarantee it.
so what do i do now? get my own gearbox fixed or replace it? parts and labour all in its looking like and extra 200 to 300 euro to replace the box. my main concern is if i repair my box, will it stand up to the job. how long will i get out of it?

sorry theres 70k miles on it. replaced the gear box oil in it 6 months ago as it was getting sticky whne changing gears at high revs.

Nonoperational Registered User

900 for a second hand box is a lot.

On your other point, a good rebuild should last for ages.

Atomic Pineapple Registered User

€900 is a rip off for the gearbox! A rebuilt gearbox should be as good as nearly new as long as its rebuilt properly

luckyD Registered User

cheers for the advice lads. was thinking that myself to be honest! got a serious shock on the phone when he told me that. so a rebuild should have it back as good as new? i brought it to a place called red cow gearbox centre. fella seemed honest enough. any other recomendations on where to get quotes?

Atomic Pineapple Registered User

luckyD said:
cheers for the advice lads. was thinking that myself to be honest! got a serious shock on the phone when he told me that. so a rebuild should have it back as good as new? i brought it to a place called red cow gearbox centre. fella seemed honest enough. any other recomendations on where to get quotes?

I have heard of a place near the red cow being very good, possibly the same one unless there is more in the area?

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did you try that number i posted for honda heaven? he should be miles cheaper and he was basically born with a honda logo on his forhead. he is a genius!

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