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have a young calf scouring..what you recommend?
calf is just over 2 weeks old...noticed last night


I believe they are 2 types of scour, nutritional and those caused by calf picking up an infection. If it's just nutritonal then the scour will be milky in colour and very watery. This can be caused by the cow suddenly producing too much milk (just let out to grass) for example and the calf not been able to cope with the volume. For this I use an Electrolyte solution (Lectade) and I stomach tube. I dose as per instructions, take the calf from the cow for 2 days and small amounts of milk after that, increasing gradually.
If the calf picked up an infection then maybe the Vet is the best option.

Right or wrong, that's what I've found to work for me.


bimastat is great for these calves its a pink liquid as the other poster said if calf is sick with it get vet or if not sick give the bimastat

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Have you a dairy farm or sucklers if dairy farm put calves in big airy shed with plenty ventalation
Scour infection can spread like wildfire in a small shed with a lot of calves
ask vet for a shot and give it your self and save the call out charge


whelan1 said:
bimastat is great for these calves its a pink liquid as the other poster said if calf is sick with it get vet or if not sick give the bimastat

agree. very good stuff


we have the same problem in ours and a few doses of the bimastat works really well, you get it from vet


Agrees with what I was saying.
It happened to me the first year I had sucklers. I had the calves in a shed. I let the cows in and out. The first day I let the cows to grass, everyone of the calves had this white watery scour the following day. The shed was covered in this white liquid. I knew it had to be the grass then. That's the great thing about calving in early spring, the calves are well strong enough to handle the extra milk when the cows hit the grass.

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Sucklers--pedigree Angus herd...
home early ytday from work..
got early calf-aid (farm centre)..think thats its name...powder stuff
reddish colour when mixed with warm water...
went to calves, think its a calf that was born last thurs...
its white milky stuff..hes weak!
give him this stuff,via dosing it into him..a pint of it, and the remainder of it tis morning!seem livelier tis morning-was at cow for a drink...mayb its me just panicing! but never had a scour around the place b4...normally--cow+calf be out to fields 2-4 days after calving--all going well
cow has loads of milk...and shes not overly fed..just a huge milky angus...always was!
also did another calf,hes a very small calf-heifers!the 2 of them 2gether in a pen(slats) which wouldn't help..cold..
..have four calves in an adjoining pen(slats)but have a creep-bedded area for them...they seem ok--will be out a Saturday...all going well..

so i think they will be ok..will give the 2 calves some more of that stuff+a shot of penicilin tis evening...and 2mrrw also! hopefully it will be nipped in the bud then


the bimastat is the way to go , believe me 20-25 cc twice a day in a dosing syringe for a few days and a shot of marbocyl and away you go

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might see about that afer--get some tis evening for them!
man in farm centre(dundalk)give me the aid stuff, said was good

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and as per usual..its my biggest calf..a bohey jasper bull calf...


ours are the same , have them out in field now and they are flying , just takes a while to get them going , putting in creep feeder in a few min

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yep--gettin mine out a Saturday...
do grand then--fingers crossed..


Last time I had a calf with scour, I used Aurofac Remember that stuff

Anyway, I changed policy about 20 years ago to letting cow and calf out on the silage ground within a couple of days of calving.
Never seen scour since, other than an odd 1 with a bit of milk scour from too much milk.


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