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Anyone any knowledge of a UK based website similar to our very own Donedeal ? Looking to find something to replace my wifes recently departed HRV.

Have had a look at Autotrader of course but I'd say 85% of the ads are Trade ads, private sellers would obviously be that bit cheaper.

Any useful suggestions welcome.

Looking to spend less than €5k, would love small diesel (1.6) but doubt that can be achieved on the budget. Ideally would like to keep the CC below 1.6 for motor tax reasons but might just stretch to 1.8 for likes of Mondeo/Avensis. Car has to have room for small/medium family and a reliable make/model. Would like something at least capable of a combined mpg close to 40mpg or above :-)

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you can search for Private sellers only on autotrader, or ebay might be worth a look.

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darragh o meara Registered User

Ive bought a few cars in the uk over the years and I usually use the following sites:


For the North:

2.www.gumtree.co.uk ( Change city to Belfast )

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