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Anybody done this course or doing it? Is it worthwhile doing the whole Secretarial skills course again or just a terminology course? Just looking for a bit of an alternative to normal secretarial work.

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Hi, was just wondering if u ever went ahead with this course? Is it possible just to do the terminology - I have good office and audio typing skills already and would prefer to fastrack it if possible!

Oleander Registered User

I did do and finished it last October and now still looking for Medical Sec work as one agency I registered with told me because I don't have the Audio experience (I did this course as well) I won't get a job in that field, stupid agencies . I have Audio experience from the course and a little from a job years ago.

The terminology part is included in the Med Secretary Introduction which you have to do and that is 1000K (you need to haggle with them on the price). I didn't do the Diploma which includes all the secretarial and computer bits), it was just too expensive at 3,000K. I might be working now had I done the Diploma and refreshed my sec skills but I just wasn't paying that.

Lucky you that you have the audio skills because apparently that is what they look for!

Oleander Registered User

I said the terminology is included in the Med Secretary Intro course. The Med Sec Intro course is actually the Terminology, covering all Medical Specialisms so that is the course you would have to do if you want to have a qualification in Terminology. It's very interesting and covers loads.

NormBron Registered User

Hmm, I wouldn't let the agencies put you off if I was you... Have been doing a bit of searching on the net and some people are of the opinion that if you approach the GP's directly you could get lucky especially when you have the Pitman qualification. You could maybe ask them to consider you even for holiday/sick cover initially - this might be enough to get a foothold. GP's know other GP's etc! At least if u got that, the agencies might take the risk on you for short assignments holiday/sick cover - foot in the door yet again!

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Oleander said:
Anybody done this course or doing it? Is it worthwhile doing the whole Secretarial skills course again or just a terminology course? Just looking for a bit of an alternative to normal secretarial work.

Have a look at the FAS website. They have a medical secretary course on it. This will be free of charge if you are registered with them. Might be worth looking in to.

Oleander Registered User

I did look into funding from FAS when I was doing this course, went into them, had a chat and noone could help BECAUSE I was not claiming social welfare of any sort so I was deemed to be rich enough myself to do the course! I can't stand FAS, I am out of work coming up to three years (I've moved about a bit) and most of their jobs on their website these days are CE Schemes and WPP (Work Placements) which means you have to be signing on or claiming a welfare of some sort. I'm so angry because there is no incentive for the likes of me trying to get back to the job market (not claiming anything). I even got Pitman to do a letter up regarding funding for the course and it didn't help.

conan doyle Registered User

I could be totally wrong here but to the best of my knowledge you can still apply for the course but because you are not getting any social welfare payment you will not get any from FAS but the course is still open to you.

Don't take no for an answer. I've come across this before only to find the original no was incorrect. So go to the FAS office and check again. Good luck

Oleander Registered User

Thanks for the information but I've done a course with Pitman last October so am now qualified as a Medical Secretary.

In reply to the other poster, I have sent my CV into surrounding GP's so now hoping they'll get in touch, that was a few months ago, also into various medical centres.

I have an interview tomorrow for a Medical Admin position, only part time but would be fab to get the foot in the door! I need good luck for that!!

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hey im thinking of doing a medical secretary or Executive PA course, im not sure which to choose... advice appreciated!

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