JohnnyBananas Registered User

Hi All,

I’m looking to buy 2 new car tyres. They don’t have to be brand name but do have to be good quality. I will also need them fitted with 2 best existing tyres swapped and put on the back. Dublin/Wicklow/Wexford area.

If anyone has an inkling of where to look, please let me know.

Thanks In Advance for all responses.

driverite Registered User

Wicklow tyres in wicklow town, also have a place in kilcoole, they are excellent to deal with.........

Dazzy Registered User
#3 are very good value for tyres. Nothing but good feedback about them on the motoring forum. I've bought from them myself. Shipping is cheap and fast. Check out for a list of places that will fit YOUR tyres in your area.

Cionn Registered User

Any suggestions for tyres on the north side of dublin

Karen23 Registered User

I'd recommend On The Run Tyres , they're at the top of Cappagh Road in Finglas. Just at the traffic Lights on your way to Cappagh Hospital.

The guys name is Warren. Very reasonable prices and nice to deal with.

Cionn Registered User

Cheers thanks for that will give them a call in the morning.


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