mectavba Registered User

Brad 'Iceman' Colbert from Generation Kill...what a man...Stay frosty!

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Personality wise:

John Lennon, Captain Price from MW2

Looks wise:
Beckham, Hutchence, The dude who plays Spartacus.

the dude who plays vinny chase

baz2009 Registered User

David Beckham and Sean William Scott.
Beckham for his legendaryness and Scott for being 'The Stiffmeister'.

Valmont Registered User

:DClive Owen and Mark Wahlberg.

Galvasean Registered User

Cause everybody loves Thomas Jane

A V A Banned

i have to say jude law for me

suey71 Banned


If you saw me you'd understand.


suey71 said:

If you saw me you'd understand.

Pics or GTFO.

suey71 Banned

Ah jeeez

I totally forgot about that post.

I thought it was a dream.

And the moral is, don't drink&post.

but I was once told I look like Yul Brynner.

Only more alive.

Hail 2 Da Thief Registered User

Believe it or not, this guy!

He looks like a plumber, doesn't speak English & lives in the middle of fu$king nowhere in Russia but he's my man crush!

suey71 Banned

Fedor Emelianenko.

Damn Hail 2, you'll have all the heads from the MMA forum coming here to talk about their man crushes.

Should be interesting.

Bottle_of_Smoke Registered User

Jack Bauer

And looks like I'm not the only one

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grenache Registered User

Bryan Ferry - the god of cool in his heyday. He's 64 now and is still cooler than most 30 year olds i know.

Simon Le Bon - the older he gets, the better he sounds and looks.

Patrick Stewart - no explanation needed.

sky88 Registered User

jon bon jovi

DaaaaaaaaaaN Registered User

Rafa Nadal. Absolute beast

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