tipperaryboy Registered User

Just wondering what is your favourite chocolate bar?

For me it has to caburarys caramel
Its the best.


Haven't had one in ages but a Twix bar does it for me.

emeraldstar Registered User

All of them? Hehe, no I don't have one definite favourite but several I really love. Moro and Yorkie are way up there. Wispa Gold. Caramel, I think. Bournville. Good old Dairy Milk. Finding myself buying Twirls more and more too, and would occasionally pick up a Golden Crisp. Certain Milka flavours: Triolade and Choco-Croquant, not that I get those very often. And I love dark, dark chocolate: 70-80% or higher.

Dinkie Registered User

Kinder bueno's and galaxy milk... yummm


Ooh yeah, Kinder Buenos are good
I love Wispa Gold and Milky Bar too!

Shaws Registered User

Crunchies and Twrils, but I have to have a cup of tea with it, wouldn't enough it much. O maybe a purple snack!!! ooo mmmm chhoooocccooolate

tskk Registered User

Galaxy but not the new bubble one. Moro,Crunchie, Caramel and a curly wurly from the freezer.


tipperaryboy said:
Just wondering what is your favourite chocolate bar?

For me it has to caburarys caramel
Its the best.

Really? Tough luck dude. They're selling Cadbury's Caramels - 7 for the price of 5 - here in Morrison's right now! My favourite bar is probably the KitKat or Twirl.

Moonbaby Registered User

The kids dairy milk.
Milka caramel.
Cadburys caramello.
Lindt extra creamy.
Little kinder bars, pengui and the bueno.


Wispa Gold.

GiftsDirect Registered User

I tend to go through phases. get a fixation on double decks for about a month then move onto drifters. These days it's all about the cadburys creme eggs. here today.. goo tomorrow!

swapple Registered User

Havent had one in years; a cadbury top deck (white choc on top, dairy milk underneath) mmmmmmmmmm
Any kind of bar that mixes those 2 kinds of chocolates eg, white kinder bueno, that flake bar they used to have out that was white flake inside a coating of milk choc...

bladespin Registered User

Starbar closely followed by purple snack yummmmmm!

messrs Registered User

had a double decker recently - was lovely , hadnt had it in years!
creme eggs, kitkat orange, twirl, moro, frys chocolate creme
any sort of chocolate really!!!
does anyone remember 'secret' bars, used to love them
after eights, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

boscoroxx Registered User

Galaxy Caramel!
Although I have an addiction to Cadbury Giant Buttons lately, jus suckin on them and they go all melty in your mouth! .... I think I may have to pop to the shop!

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