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Hey Im a broke student living at home!! Ive recently become involved with a mad woman who must have sex all the time. Im obviously very happy, just adjusting, basically she is an au pair living with family. Her place is a no go, my house is always full of family nosing around. All hotels in Dublin appear to be around 40-50e at best for the night which is steep, this relationship is burning a serious hole in my pocket but its the greatest thing ever. How can I continue it without resorting to crime?? Im being genuine here, any tips/bargain hotels?? Is there sex hotels in Dublin? Hostels with private rooms?

All suggestions and attacks much appreciated....

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the toilets of your local fast food outlet! classy!

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My house, threesome, all night. w or w/o cameras. preferably with. vaseline required.

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Nudey booth.

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Behind a bush


Love hotel?

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LOL I smell something fishy going on here with this thread.
New to the boards are we? LOL

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the park.


Love hotels, nope, hostels with private rooms, some but tbh it's not much better price wise then a travel lodge for the night.

Time to fall back on the old saying, Man who take woman camping have one in tent.

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There's a guy over in the motors section that has a car he doesn't know how to use, perhaps you could borrow it.

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haha you legend enjoy it while it lasts, cant give you advice about cheap places

L.Jenkins Let's Do This!!!

Dublin you say, poor student you! I hear the docks is a great place for dogging! Never mind paying for it when you can add a thrill to a night out and do it outside!

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Where's me ex-wife when she is needed! LOL

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