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How do you get from blackrock to the zoo in phoenix park?

Ronan Keating Registered User

Go up the Merrion Road as far as Merrion Square, Westland Row, Pearse Street, Tara Street.

Turn Left at Quays to Victoria Quay. Over Wolfe Tone Ave. Up Infirmary Road and the North Road. Turn into Zoo Road.

I Concur Registered User

Sorry forgot to mention we're using public transport....

Collie D Registered User

DART into city centre and number 10 from O'Connell Street

I Concur Registered User

Collie D said:
DART into city centre and number 10 from O'Connell Street


xebec Registered User

Or DART to Connolly and Luas to Heuston. Short walk from there - cross the river, turn left and head in main entrance of the Park, 2nd road on the right.

maria gstones Registered User

if you get the Luas up to Heuston and then when you walk across the bridge to Parkgate street rather than walking to the zoo you can get the Pheonix Park shuttle bus. Its only €2 for the round trip, hop on hop off in the park and they give you info on what else is in Pheonix park. It does a loop of the park which is nice.

Jip Registered User

By the time you wait for the bus to come along you'll be in the Zoo ! It's hardly a 5 minute walk from Heuston.

maria gstones Registered User

Thats very true, but if you want to do the tourist thing the bus is good since it does a loop of the park, might be nice to see if you are just coming up for the day and you havn't looked around it before.
you could hop off at the Visitor Center or farmleigh house.

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