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Thanks but ive looked through those before but there a bit too long and complicated ...

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Anro said:
our teacher gave us some good geography notes is there any perticular section your looking for?

Well.... pretty much everything but particularly the population section...

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Funeral Blues

By W.H Auden

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1918 - 1933

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria but moved to Germany to fight for them in WWI . When Germany signed the surrender in 1918, Hitler was in hospital and it angered him greatly. He, like many other Germans disagreed and called the politicians who signed it the November Criminals.
Germany then was run by a new government called the Weimer Republic. It was very unpopular with the people. Meanwhile, Hitler became leader of the Nazi party. He disagreed with the way the governmentt were running the country so he planned a revolution. This was known as the Munich Putsch. He failed though and he was jailed for 5 months. While in jail, he wrote a book with all his beliefs called Mein Kampf. Some of his beliefs were:
He hated Jews, and blamed them for all Germany’s problems
He dispised communism also
Germany needed lebensraum (living space)
He believed a group of humans were superior, known as the Aryan race
In 1929, the Wall St. Crash caused huge problems all over the world. In Germany, unemployment rose from 1,000,000 in 1929 to 6,000,000 in 1932. This put huge pressure on the government and led to lots of people hating them.
All the time, Hitler’s Nazi party were growing and by 1933 were the biggest party in Germany. Eventually, in 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. This was the equvilant of being Prime Minister.
He could now go about implementing his policies in Germany:
Break up the Treaty of Versailles
Cleanse the nation of inferior people like the Jewish
Improve the economy
Hitler also began to use propaganda to make people believe his ideas.

Not too much his early life really

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When You Are Old

By W.B Yeats

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Across The Barricades

The novel has an interesting opening. Sadie meets up with Kevin after 3 years. They go for coffee and catch up on the latest news. However, it is not simply a case of 2 old friends meeting up for a chat. Sadie and Kevin live in war torn Belfast and are from opposite ends of the religious divide. Prtestant and Catholic.
Hints of the conflict are given in the first chapter, description of “burnt cars, buses and armoured vehicles”. Tension on the streets. Our curiosity is arisen because we the readers want to see, if it will get any worse, or if it will affect the lives of Sadie and Kevin.
Also, in the opening chapter, Kevin and Sadie decide to renew their friendship, there is even a hint of romance. The reader is in SUSPENCE, it is a dangerous relationship, because of their different backgrounds.
“They were embarking on something dangerous” The reader wants to go on, and find out what happens next, and how the relationship will work out.

Novel Ending:
After all the trouble, conflicts, Kevin decides to leave Belfast.
I’ve got to go away, I can’t stay here any longer, I’m sick of bombs
The reader welcomes his decision, because we feel sorry for him, after all that has happened.
The ending of the novel is emotional/upsetting in one way, as we see him ‘say farewell’ to all of his family. We wonder will we see them again.
Brede meets him, and again it is sad to see her saying goodbye to him.
Well, Kevin, I’ll miss you

The ending works well also, because the final strands of the plot are tied up. Kate Kelly turns up and tells Kevin that “she was sorry”. She admits that she “made a mistake about the box” (of ammunition). Kate reveals that it was Brian Rafferty; who forced her to lie about the box.
I wouldn’t have told the lie otherwise
Once more, we the readers, see how horrible Rafferty was and we are happy that Kevin is getting away from him at last.
It was all of it behind him now, Kate and Brian Rafferty and the beatings up and the bombs

The reader is happily surprised again, on the final page of the novel, when Sadie turns up at the docks. It’s very exciting when she reveals that she is going with Kevin. He isa pleasantly surprised aswell.
That’s the best news I had in months

Although the novel contained much suffering, pain and conflict, it has a happy ending. Kevin and Sadie walk hand in hand, to the “while waiting ship”. We feel that they have the chance of a new, trouble-free life, in England.

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Base Details

By Siegfreid Sassoon

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This is info on cloths of heaven by w.b yeats followed by a compare and contrast between cloths of heaven and when u are old both by w.b yeats

The Cloths Of Heaven

By W.B Yeats

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Any chance of some spanish notes about the different tenses? it seems to be only french here.

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Here are some helpful German notes which seem to be missing from the thread (:

Useful Verbs

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Meine Schule
Meine schule heist _____ ==>My school is called ______
Es ist eine Gesamtschule ==>It is a comprehensive school
Es ist eine gemischte Schule mit ungefahr (X) Schülern und (Y) Lehrerin ==> It is a mixed school with about (X number of) pupils and (Y number of) teachers.
Die Schule beginnt um funf vor neun täglich ==> The school begins at around 5 to 9 daily
Die erste Stunde beginnt um neun Uhr ==>The first period begins at 9 o’clock
Eine Stunde dauert vierzig minuten ==> A class lasts 40 minutes
Ich become immer schlecht/gute Noten ==> I get terrible/good grades (test scores)
Mein Lieblingsfach ist ____ ==> My favourite subject is _____
Ich finde die Uniform furchtbar ==> I find the uniform horrible
Es ist unbequem und altmodisch ==> It is uncomfortable and old-fashioned
Wir tragen ein Uniform ==> We wear a uniform
Wir haben zwei Pauzen täglich ==> We have two breaks every day
Die erste Pauze dauert 15 Minuten und die zweite Pauze dauert 30 Minuten ==> The first break lasts 15 minutes and the second break lasts 30 minutes.

Fächer (Subjects)
Irisch ==> Irish
Englisch ==> English
Geschichte ==> History
Erdkunde ==> Geography
Mathematik ==> Maths
Naturnwischenschaften ==> Science (All three sciences)
Deutsch ==> German
Technikal Graphik ==> Technical Graphics

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Okay here is some geography notes on population

Demography is the sudy of population.

1 Population density
this is the number of people per square kilometer. It is an average figure.

2 Population distribution
This is the way that population is spread out accross the land. It can be evenly or unevenly spread. e.g the population in Ireland is uneven, the west have few people and dublin has a very high population.

3 Population Patterns
The are the order or shape the population makes. There are three basic patterns.
(a) nucleated or clustered.
This is where people live in one area e.g towns are a nucleated settlement.

(b) Linear or ribboned
This is where people live in a line along the side of a road or a river e.g. the river Rhine has lead a linear pattern of cities along its banks.

(c) Dispersed
This is tipical of rural farming areas where people are spread over a wide area e.g. Rural Leitrim

How does the population grow?
More babies born than people dieing causes the population to grow it is called natural change.

what effects the total population in an area?
This changes the distribution of world population. Mirgration causes an increase of population in countries where people go to. e.g Ireland. However Migration does not effect world population

What is birth rate?

This is when we count live births per thousand per year. So if there were 20 births per thousand people it would be 2% (20/1000 = 2/100 = 2%)

What is death rate?
It is counting the number of deaths per thousand per year. e.g 10 deaths per thousand (10/1000 = 1/100 = 1%)

How do I get natural change?
I subtract the deaths from the births. If there are more births we have a natural increase but if there are more deaths we have a natural decrease.

Population growth

Population Growth is not the same throughout the world. First world countries like Germany and France have negative growth were as third world countries like India and Brazil have a Population explosion.

Why are there large pupulation in the worlds poorest counties?
Modern Medicine like vaccinations have helped lower the death rate
Clean Water By sinking a well in a village which provides clean water can have a dramatic effect on the death rate. The biggest killer of babies in the third world today is dehydration from diarrhoea.

What are the stages of Population growth?
This is the predictable changes that the population of a country will go through:
1 High stationary stage
Birth and death rates are high little change in population. Third world.
2 Early expanding stage
Birth rate remains high and the death rate falls rapidly. Developing world.Population explosion occurs here.
3 Late expanding stage
The death rate remains low. Birth rate falls rapidly, population growth begins to slow down.
4 Low stationary stage
The birth rate remains low, death rate is still very low, low population growth.
5 Senile stage
Birth rate falls below death rate. Population decrease. e.g. Germany

(sorry couldn't find graph with senile stage)

I have some more notes to do with why some areas have high or low population that i can get for you but that is most of my population growth.

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Any chance of notes on industrial revolution, for Q5 on history paper?

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Those are great geography notes...... thanks

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Just a few notes our teacher gave us for unseen poetry and prose. She said we can have answers actually prepared before we go in, even if we can't understand the poem. For example, if a question says "Do you like this poem? Why/why not?" You can have an answer prepared saying you like the poets style/use of personification/metaphors etc.

Irish Prose and Poetry notes:



Is é mo thuairim
In my opinion

Feictear dom
It seems to me

I dtús báire

I agree with

I think

Is cosúil go bhfuil an dán seo
It seems that the poem is

Ar an taobh eile
On the other hand

Ar chuma ar bith

Ar ndóigh
Of course

Go háirthe

Go bhfios dom
As far as I know

Is bocht an scéal é
It’s a sad story

Is beag é mo mheas air
I don’t think much of it

Tá a fhios ag an saol
Everybody knows

Ar deireadh thiar

Dar leis an ___
According to the ___

Ní bhíonn in aon rud ach seal
Nothing lasts forever

Sa chéad/dara/triú alt
In the first/second/third paragraph

Léiríonn an t-údar dúinn
The author shows us

Creideann sé/sí
He/she believes that

Luann an scríbhneoir
The writer mentions

Déanann an t-údar cur síos ar
The author describes

Tá go leor fianaise sa sliocht
There is plenty of evidence in the passage

Mar gheall ar

Is féidir leat ionannú leis an pearsa
You can identify with the character

Tréithe na phearsanna
Traits of the characters



Sly person


Teideal an dáin
Title of the poem

Téama an dáin
Theme of the poem

Sa chéad/dara/tríú véarsa
In the 1st/2nd/3rd verse

Stíl an fhile
Style of the poet













Old fashioned





Is breá liom an cur síos ar …
I love the description of...

Tá an file ag caint faoi
The poet is talking about

Luann an file
The poet mentions

Thaitin an dán seo go mór liom
I really liked the poem




Blas an dáin
tone of the poem

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