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For me it's impressive that he is committing players to 2 year contracts which shows he is in it for a while yet. Most LOI teams will only offer 1 year contracts and lose a lot of players at the end of the season. Good to see we are trying to sign and hold onto the best. Longer contracts also allows to offer at little less money cause it offers the player security for 2 years instead of a big pay off over 1 year.

The current squad would hold their own in the premier. Unless Waterford, Finn Harps and Longford strengthen a lot, then we should be expecting to win the league at a canter.

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A lot of getting out of the first division seems to rest on getting a good goal scorer.not many teams can find one. Not sure if they have one yet but the rest of the team are very good. That's a premier division midfield. Gamble in his time with cork was the highest paid player in the country.

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the_blackstuff said:
A lot of getting out of the first division seems to rest on getting a good goal scorer.not many teams can find one. Not sure if they have one yet but the rest of the team are very good. That's a premier division midfield. Gamble in his time with cork was the highest paid player in the country.

Denis Behan scored a lot last season, and if he plays Gaffney through the middle he should be worth a few goals too

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the_blackstuff said:
They have made some serious signings since last season. They will take a bit of beating this season. In fairness to the new owner he is splashing the cash!

He certainly is but not as much as some people make out.


Alright lads!

After many years of not attending, i'm going to try and get back watching the super blues!

I'm totally out of touch with the club, players and the league so would one of you kind people like to post up your expectations for the season ahead, players to watch etc.

Also, do you have meet ups? or a pub before games ?

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There is a Limerick FC thread which has slipped down a few pages on here, as it's the off-season now.

I was a season ticket holder until I moved to Japan last March - so was very committed to going to the games, and woke up early every Saturday morning here to see what the score was.

For this season, I'd be very surprised if Limerick don't win the division by at least 5 points. Some of the players in our squad would be welcome in all bar one or two teams in the league. We came close to promotion last year with Shelbourne and Cork in the division - they're gone now, and haven't been replaced by teams of anywhere near their quality. Players to watch - Gamble and Bradley in midfield, and Behan up front.

A few lads I watched games with did have a pre-match pint or two in various pubs near the ground, and I joined them on occasion. After match drinks were usually in the Still House, but I believe that's gone now. There is a supporters' club that will probably have a meeting before the season starts. There may even be an 'official' and 'unofficial' supporters' club now.

Lads like Soulcrew09, Jofspring, and busyliving (among others that I can't remember now) will give you more details.

Edit: Here's the Limerick FC thread.

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First pre season run out last night.

Limerick 3-2 Fas Limerick

The new official Supporters club is up and running and should be having a launch night before the season starts. More details here!/pages/Limerick-FC-Official-Supporters-Club/178325755598926 (phone and email contact details are on here)

Most lads I go to the games with will take in a few pints in Austins nears the the ground and head down to Foxys on Bedford Row after the game.

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The league this year looks like it will go ahead without Cobh and Tralee sadly as they have been told even if they get first division licenses they won't be accepted unless someone else pulls out, so this is how it will look for the season.

Athlone Town FC
Finn Harps FC
Limerick FC
Longford Town FC
Mervue United
SD Galway FC (replace Salthill Devon)
Waterford United
Wexford Youths

Each team will play each other 4 times, twice at home and twice away. Most people are predicting Limerick to win it with Longford and Waterford the nearest rivals.

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Checked to here!! Cheers lads....

I am very familiar with Austins, or at least was

Doubt i will make any away games due to relationship commitments (damn women folk) but I look forward to some live footy and getting behind my local team.

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UCD 1-2 Limerick FC (Treacy, Purcell)

Pre season continued with a good win and run out against UCD in Dublin. Limerick FC face Blarney United in the Munster Senior Cup at O'Shea Park Blarney on Wednesday 8 February, kick-off 7:30pm.

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Official Supporters Club launch will take place in the Strand Hotel on Weds 15th Feb at 7pm. All welcome.

All paid members will be entered into a draw on the night for 2 premium level tickets for the upcoming home international v Czech Rep at the Aviva Stadium.

All members will then be entered into a free draw for every home international for the rest of the year.

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Hey all,

Hopefully i'll be at the game in Blarney tonight, so i'llbe on twitter with updates...


busyliving Registered User

Beat Blarney tonight 4-1...

Scorers: S.Tracy x2, Sheedy & Gamble

Believe its Fermoy in the semi's

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Sunday 12th February 2012
Limerick FC are delighted to announce the arrival of two CSKA Moscow players to Ireland for trials with Limerick FC. The players were welcomed at Shannon Airport on Sunday evening by Pat O'Sullivan, Chairman. Both are expected to play some part of the game with Sligo Rovers at Terryland Park, Galway, on Monday 13 February (kick-off 7:45pm) and to train with the team on Wednesday.
Lubos Kaluda (on the left) is a 24-year-old Czech International midfielder and has been with CSKA Moscow since 2008.
Dawid Janczyk (on the right) is a 24-year-old Polish International striker who has been with CSKA Moscow since 2007.
Both players were on loan last season to PFC Oleksandriya (Ukraine).

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