Can anyone tell where the socket is on a honda torneo/accord.the year is 1999.im guessing it should be obd2 compliant.
have searched everywhere but cant find it.
thanks in advance.

Atlantic Dawn Registered User

Did you look under the steering wheel?

colm_mcm Registered User

try under the glovebox. that's where it is on the Accords anyway. Some are behind the ashtray too.


thanks ladds ive looked in those positions and dont see it.is there a cover on it.or do i have to remove panels to get it.

colm_mcm Registered User

maybe try removing the glovebox. Think you just squeeze both sides together and it falls down, then unhinge it.

Masada Banned

vague memories of it but i think its to the left of the clutch pedal under the dash.

Hal1 Registered User

mickdw Registered User

Some models didnt have the standard connector in 99 I think.

Muckie Registered User

Have you looked underneath the fuse box inside the car, that'd be
my guess.

500sel Registered User

lift the carpet on passenger side front there is a 3 or 5 pin plug. thats the dlc

JHMEG Banned

That car isn't OBD-II, and may not even be OBD-I.

Look out for the 3-pin DLC 500sel mentions. You can bridge the pins in this if you have an illuminated CEL and the ECU will flash the code on the CEL.

There will also be a bigger connector somewhere near the ECU, but it's proprietary.

Xpro Registered User

passenger fotwell, and its not an obd compatible

unkel Category Moderator

If the car is OBD2 compliant (most cars since the mid 90s are) it should be very close to the steering wheel.

If it isn't OBD2 compliant (as JHMEG suggests it isn't - I guess Japanese cars were probably a bit behind US or Euro cars) than I have no idea where it is



07 Transit, anyone know where the OBDII socket is?

Hal1 Registered User

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