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Hey there,

i have just bought a PC from a guy who built from spare parts, its running fine for me but i want to increase my framerates when i upgrade from a 19" to a 22" monitor.


Core 2 duo E6300
Foxconn P4M900+7MB (FSB 1066/800/533
2GB DDR er.. something, 6xxx?
Radeon 3870 512MB DDR4

at the moment in crisis, i have the GFX floating between 1024x768 and 1280x1024 with a mixture of mid and gamer settings (so approx 65%) and im getting some slowdown in areas and i dont have FSAA on.

What would give me the biggest performance increase? new Mobo (p4Q i think) or maybe a new CPU or possible a better graphics card? whats causing the slowdown here on high settings?


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I'm guessing that's 2GB DDR2-6400, thus 800MHz.

Important question: Is that the new E6300 or the old one? Retarded how Intel named two different CPUs the same thing! You can tell by going into Control Panel > System and on the system tab you should see a few CPU specs, at least the clock spped should be there: the "new" E6300 should be running at 2.8GHz.

If you have the old one you're in a bit of a mess; you're talking about changing the CPU and possibly mobo and RAM as well as the graphics card

Three other questions:
a) What CPU cooler do you have? Is it a small or stock cooler? Or something a bit more substantial?
b) What's your PSU model name? Very important that!
c) What 22" monitor are you looking at? 1080p or an older (and cheaper) 1680*1050 jobbie? The former are great but are going to push a graphics card horrid hard trying to game on!

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it's 1.86GHz so must be the old one and i know it's a socket 775

It's the stock cooler,
i think it's a fairly cheap PSU as far as i know
and ill just get a nice cheap 22", and suggestions?

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Ugh. And that's one of the few Core2-era mobos with a naff old VIA chipset...

You might be able to upgrade to and OC a Q6*00 on that mobo, but there's no CPU compatibility chart provided; given that its a VIA chipset and there's Pentium 4 but no FSB1333 support I doubt any 45nm Core2s will run on it - Q6700 is as high as you can go

I need to know the model of the PSU and/or the ratings table on its side to see if it can even run upgraded hardware without shutting down or (if a cheapo PoS unit) exploding spectacularly Now we know big chunks of this thing are going to have to come out I'll also have to ask about the state of the drives (HDDs/optical) you're using and the model, form factor and fans/cooling of the case itself. Even those need to be looked at before we can try and salvage them.

If you're having difficulty running Crysis even at lower resolutions you're looking at a big and expensive upgrade (pretty much gutting the case at this point!) before even thinking of upgrading the monitor!

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Hi Mate,

To be honest, It would be better just to do a new build, And use your old PC as a file server

But you would put a new rig together for around 500 euro, As you have the monitor/Mouse/keyboard already.

If you are interested, I would be happy(as would others) To spec you out a nice rig.

Will it only be for gaming?

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