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Permanet are having serious problems in North Kerry as of December 2009 - ongoing (Feb 19th 2010).

They currently have overstretched capacity and are negotiating for more bandwith.

Regardless of whether your on a lower 'contention' rate business package or not - you are going to be suffering.

4MB broadband package now gets around 512k-1mb at most peak times.

Permanet are completely aware of the problem but are not notifying customers unless they complain / telephone support.

Basically they are currently charging customers for broadband speeds they simply can not supply at the moment.

Check your package and your speed.

The only advice they could give us was to step down from the 4mb - 1 or 2 mb package. If we hadn't telephoned them they would happily have continued taking €65 a month from us. Customer service re-imbursed us for the over charge, but many people I imagine are unaware and are being over charged.

They 'hope' to have it fixed by the end of March. They told us in December it would be the end of January, so I don't have much faith in that claim.

We have decided to switch to Vodafone, since our exchange recently became broadband enabled. We can't get the 4mb line (max 2mb) but at least they aren't trying to sell us speed we can not avail of unlike Permanet.

Check your package and check the speed your getting www.speedtest.net

With a 4mb line, we can't even stream SD Youtube videos majority of the time. Shocking.....

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Well they are still over stretched and speeds have not improved.

Coming close to April. Will they ever fix the damn problem.

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Seems they have the issue fixed I was with ICE and I am getting the full 4mb in kerry where i was getting nothing from ice since it went down.

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iBoards said:
Well they are still over stretched and speeds have not improved.

Coming close to April. Will they ever fix the damn problem.

Just came across this on the kerry broadband site. I am going to call them tomorrow. Im in North Kerry using a mixture of dsl and 3g.

"We are currently trialling speeds of up to 6mb in selected areas. We will roll this out to other areas during 2010. This will become our entry level package and will cost approx 24.99 pm with no download cap."


They've had this problem for about two years now. My parents, near Listowel, had to cancel their Blueface account as the connection was too unreliable.

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Yes , i have to say as well, Permanet have been pretty dire the last few months.
Between constant disconnects 2weekss ago, and pretty slow speed atm, i am very close to giving up on them. It is a pity because i was hoping they were just having problems upgrading network, and it would get better, but it just isn't.
And there is so little information coming from them, their website is dreadful.
Just wondering is anyone recieved this 6mb package from KBB yet. I am very interested in it, especially considering KBB seem to have good upload speeds as well, and the price is really competitive

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Hi is there any updates on permaNET? I am looking at dropping Eircom Jim down the pan and was looking for another option?

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A friend of mine lives in Dromin and switched to DSL a few months ago. But I know another around the Coolard area who has it and said it's fine. My parents also have it but not sure how theirs is right now.

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I'm here in Kerry now, here's some tests from Permanet, this is a 1024/256 residential package.

Pinging loadbalancer.boards.ie [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=36ms TTL=60
Reply from bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=60
Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=60
Reply from bytes=32 time=28ms TTL=60

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 27ms, Maximum = 36ms, Average = 30ms


Permanets service has hugely improved recently.

It seems they're now putting a lot of work into giving all their customers a better QOS.

I think they may of got a bit carried away when they released their new 1mb packages and over subscribed, But since they've been planning to release permatel they've obviously had to ensure the service is stable with a low ping and stable speeds.

Thumbs up from me!

Edit - Just for the record I'm in no way connected to Permanet, I used to spend a lot of time emailing them( about services issues) and I found out why things were going wrong etc, and when it'll be fixed or upgraded.

I'd be one of the first people to complain if their service goes back to how it used to be.

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Does anyone know how Permanet are enforcing their download caps?

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yes they are. But they will allow you to use a bit over before they cap your download speed. Your best to ask them directly.

btw this thread its very old. The information here is no longer true. They dont have any real problems with bandwidth at the moment as far as i know and they have just increased all their package speeds.

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Just got PermaNet installed about a week ago.
4mb Broadband and Phone package!
And this is what i'm getting!!!

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