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The one thing that I really like from these screenshots: Machine Gun.

Hopefully finally a decent tech line of modern ranged infantry! It's something that was sorely lacking seeing as your Crossbows basically became useless if you upgraded to Rifles and lost all the extra Combat Strength.
(That said I've successfully used legions of ChuKoNus in the late 1900's )

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Sure you're on top over at darkkeep

Being on top seldom lasts!

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I hope they improve the A.I In the expansion.

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Maximilian said:
Being on top seldom lasts!

We'll all gang up on you

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(Invalid youtube)

Anyone see this, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, looks like a fantasy version of Civ V, looks like the same engine was used

Maximilian Moderator

Yeah I've been following that. Basically looks like Civ 5 and Master of Magic (which I loved back in the day) had a baby.

Let's hope it has a pbem option

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Everything Civ 5 75% off until 6pm tomorrow on Steam.

Or is it 5pm, or 7pm... Stupid US daylight savings. Either way 10am PST tomorrow.

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(Invalid youtube)

Anyone see this, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, looks like a fantasy version of Civ V, looks like the same engine was used

looks interesting,not out till the summer?

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Gods and Kings - Overview
Price: $29.99
Release: June, 19th (Northern America), June, 22nd (Rest of the world).

Contents of the expansion:
New Feature: Religion
New Feature: Espionage
9 civs
9 wonders
13 buildings
27 units
3 scenarios
2 new city state types
2 new great person types
Tweaks to the combat system
Different tweaks on the base civs unique powers

List of civs (9 in total):
Netherlands (William I; image)
Celts (Boudicca; image)
Mayans (Pacal; image)
Byzantines (Theodora; article)
Carthage (Dido; image)
Huns (interview)

For more info regarding the civs please see here

List of wonders (9 in total):
Terracotta Army (screenshot analysis)
Great Mosque of Djenne (screenshot analysis)
Petra (screenshot analysis)
Neuschwanstein (article)
Hubble Space Telescope (article)
Great Firewall (article)
Leaning Tower of Pisa (screenshot)

List of natural wonders (unknown number)
Mt Sinai (article)

List of units (27 in total, including Great People):
Mark V tank/Landship (screenshot analysis, article)
Machine guns (1 hex ranged, article)
1-hex ranged unit.
Upgrades from Gatling Gun, which upgrades from Crossbow.
Pictish Warrior (screenshot analysis and article)
Celtic UU.
Generates faith by killing other units.
WWI-era Biplanes (screenshot analysis)
WWI-era Triplanes (screenshot analysis)
Great Admiral (German article)
Great Prophet
Inquisitors (article)
Missionaries (article)
Cost 200 Faith.
Spread religion to 2 cities.
Gatling Gun (article)
Upgrades from Crossbow, upgrades to Machine Gun.
Composite Bowman (article)
New unit under Penicillin

List of buildings (13 in total):
Bomb Shelter (article)
Cathedral (article)
Shrines (article; not confirmed as a building)

List of technologies:
Combined Arms

List of religions (11 in total):

List of scenarios (3 in total):
Fall of Rome- Play as either Eastern Rome or Western Rome trying to fend off the barbarians OR as one of the barbarians themselves.
Medieval- Grow your medieval kingdom into one of the great nations of Renaissance Europe, fending off outside invasions from Mongols and Ottoman Turks and fighting the religious wars of the Crusades and Reformation!
Empires of the Smoky Skies- Build flying airships and huge tractor-like tanks from the unique tech tree of this Victorian science-fiction scenario, and use them to spread your empire across the pre-industrial world.

New city state types (2 in total):
Mercantile (get their own unique resources, such as jewellery)

New city states
Vatican City

All espionage operations will have a diplomatic impact if discovered
Espionage is carried out by 'spies'. Things you can do with your spies:
Stealing techs
Viewing enemy cities
Leaking war plans from one civ to another
Rigging elections to influence city states
Coups in city states
Change of success in coups and election rigging based upon the time a spy has spent in a city and their 'individual skill'.
Spies are not units on the map, but are controlled via menus (article).
If a spy is caught, it is executed.
When viewing an enemy city, there is an 'intrigue menu', which gives you access to information that you can then share with other civs.
Three tiers of spies; Recruit, Agent and Special Agent.
Everyone gets access to spies when the first civilization enters the Renaissance.
An additional spy is made available to each civ when they enter a new era.
England gets an extra spy (UA change?).

'Faith' is a yield that is accumulated like others in the game, e.g. culture (see here, and speculation).
You get a 'Pantheon' belief when you hit 10 faith.
20 Pantheon beliefs to choose from.
God of War- bonus faith for killing enemies within four tiles of your city
Goddess of the Hunt- extra food for forest camps (interview)
Ancestor Worship- +1 Culture for every Shrine in your empire
Religious Idols- +1 Culture and +1 Faith for each Gold and Silver (screenshot)
Pantheon beliefs are generally terrain based.
Certain units can generate faith by killing other units.
Can found a religion when you earn a Great Prophet.
Can have a combination of up to five beliefs (article)
You get founder beliefs and follower beliefs. Founder beliefs give you rewards for religion spread, whilst follower beliefs give you rewards to any city following your religion.
Founder Beliefs include:
Ceremonial Burial- +1 :c5happiness: Happiness for each city following religion
Church Property- +2 gold for each city following religion
Defender of the Faith- +20% Combat near friendly cities that follow this religion
Flourishing of the Arts- +10% Culture if not at war
Initiation Rites- +100 Gold when each city first converts to this religion
Just War- +20% Combat near enemy cities that follow this religion
Can build Cathedrals in your cities when you have founded a religion; purchased with faith.
Religions can be renamed.
Religion designed so that not every civ in a game will be able to found one.
Can spend faith to build missionaries (cost 200 faith). They can spread your religion to two cities.
Religion naturally spreads to cities within 10 tiles.

Other things:
Unit health increased from 10 to 100, and the pace of combat has been slowed.
Naval units now split into melee and ranged; melee ships can attack cities.
Embarked units can defend themselves and stack with naval units (article).
Religious units can help to spread influence to city states and gain alliances with them.
Embassies will help with espionage operations and diplomacy.
You can 'bully' city states by placing units near them, though this will have a negative impact on your influence with them (article).
City state quest system expanded, and they can set three quests at a time. Quests can be individual or global.
Stonehenge is an early faith-giving wonder (interview).

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I've been playing this a fair bit recently, looking to get into playing multiplayer but the in-game matchmaking lobby is godawful. My Steam ID is the same as my username here, feel free to add me and we get a game going at some stage, I need to learn the ropes!

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(Invalid youtube)

Anyone see this, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, looks like a fantasy version of Civ V, looks like the same engine was used
The demo for this is out.

Just gave it a playthrough there, having not played MoM, but having played Civ lots. Some interesting ideas, though overall it's less complex than Civ 5 (not that Civ was all that complex, but still) and more combat focussed. I'm not sure if it's just because the demo limits you timewise to just earlier units, but the monster units (equivalent of barbs) can actually be pretty tough to beat.

The one flaw so far is that there didn't seem to be any penalty for expanding, meaning it may lead back to the good old ICS days.

Overall though, I don't see me playing this as much as I have Civ 5, but given it'll only cost €20, I can easily see me getting more than my money's worth out of it.

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(Invalid youtube)

Anyone see this, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, looks like a fantasy version of Civ V, looks like the same engine was used

Loved Fall from Heaven II back in Civ 4, one of the best mods for any game i've played. Hope this is as good.

Maximilian Moderator

Demo is pretty good. Loads of variety too.

Hawke Registered User

That fake Sean Connery voice goes right through my head. They should have learned from Civ 5's book on controls as selecting units, then deselecting them to select another is a pain. If you right click to deselect on another unit it brings up that units info page.

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Where would the best value place be to purchase this? Offhand, steam seems the dearest at 27e.

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