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Mood's kind of improved over the last week or so,probably the increased dose of lithium kicking in,the unquenchable thirst that I had when I first started on it is back again though,I must be going to the bathroom about 20 times a day with the amount of water that I'm drinking,starting to get slightly self concious about it.

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Thankfully mood is starting to lift, I think the Lexapro must be starting to kick in which is handy considering the Anxicalm dose is now finished (well still have about three tablet left but gonna keep them aside in case I have a really bad day).
I went to an Aware meeting on Monday evening and have to say it was great, it was pretty informal but brilliant to be able to talk / share with other people in the same boat and just be "accepted" with depression instead of trying to put in a face. They are worth checking out.


Boredom and unemployment are really starting to get to me now. Had a job interview that I thought went really well and still didn't get the job. I hate being rejected, even though I got further than loads of people by getting to the interview stage. I really tried my hardest in that interview and it still didn't work out. It's so disheartening.

Effexor is working for me better than Lexapro but it can't provide me with an outlet for my frustration. I just want to be DOING something. Not lounging around the house all day. I'm still actively looking for a job, I just hope that effort pays off soon. I know I could do really well and make something of myself, I just need to be given a chance. It's just scary thinking that maybe no-one will give me that chance.

Mars Bar I belong here. As do you.

It's a pity there wasn't a VAT reduction on doctor visits isn't it?

I'll probably have to take another trip now that I'm bruising really easily and I'm nearly at the tail end of my course of effexor. It's down as uncommon on the side effects list and generally from googling, it's recommended to see a doctor.

I've got about 5 small but dirty bruises on my right leg at this moment! I'm only after getting rid of two on my left hand (admittedly one was from the door handle that I walked into...)

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When i'm with people i wish i was alone and when i'm alone i wish i was with people. Bit all over the place at the moment. One minute i'm ok and the next i'm depressed.

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When i'm with people i wish i was alone and when i'm alone i wish i was with people. QUOTE]
I hear that!


thought exercise was meant to make you feel better.

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stupidusername said:
thought exercise was meant to make you feel better.

I get loads of exercise and i still feel like crap!

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stupidusername said:
thought exercise was meant to make you feel better.

The theory is it's meant to release endorphins, I think though it depends in the person too, I love going to the gym so find it gives me a good (but temporary) boost. Even a good walk tends to help me clear my head for a bit.


Jasus lads im pileing on the pounds with zispin, 10 pounds in 15 days !!

I cant stop eating im never full up

Im 6ft 1' and was 13st 5lbs im over 14st, next time im in the clinc ill ask for an appetite surpressent, i cant continue like this

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Was like that when I started on lithium,gained a stone in 3 weeks!just eat your normal meals everyday and drink lot's of water when you get hungry every time else,thats what the doc's told me.


phi3 said:
When i'm with people i wish i was alone and when i'm alone i wish i was with people. Bit all over the place at the moment. One minute i'm ok and the next i'm depressed.

I know the feeling, all too well. Part of me wants to live in a bubble while the other wants interaction.

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I Dont really know if this is the right place to be posting, I havent been diagnosed with depression so to speak, but lately (The past 4 or 5 months) Ive been feeling really down and sad all the time, and i know what triggered it, (im 15 by the way)
I cheated on my boyfriend of 11 months (Thats a long and complicated story, but dont think of me as a lesser person because of it :/) and he broke up with me by text on valentines day, and after that it all kind of spiraled out of control, I cried almost every day, I blamed myself for what had happened completely even though other things did contribute to it, I had suicidal thoughts and I even self-Harmed for the guts of 2 or 3 months, Im starting to feel better about it now, but i still have all these thoughts in my head (Im over the whole breakup thing, I think it just triggered all of this) and I've talked to a friend about it, but they weren't much help to me, they ended up confiding in me that they selfharm, and that theyre parents are getting divorced and that her mam hits her alot, so that just made me worse, because im starting to loose faith in the 'goodness in the world'...
I dont really know if I'm depressed, but I'm guessing that I am, I never really want to do much with people, and some days I'll just sit at home and listen to the same song on repeat for hours, but other days I'll be in a really good mood and have a real 'get up and go' attitude, I always feel like I shouldnt think like this, I have a pretty good life and a large group of friends, but I just can't shake all these feelings of worthlessness and emptyness :/
And to add to it all, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and severe anaemia, which isnt exactly making things better for me..
Sorry about the essay, but its nice to get all these things down in words..

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Go to your GP and explain to him/her how you've been feeling,he/she may be able to recommend a counsellor for you to talk to and/or some medication.If you are depressed it's good to deal with it as early as possible,I spent years worrying to myself that I had a problem and it was such a relief when I finally spoke to someone about it.

Good luck!

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I'm sorry if this has been already said earlier in the thread, I have only skimmed through the earlier replies.

I have had depression a ridiculous amount of times in my life, so I should really be able to recognise it at this stage!

But that line between feeling depressed, stressed, and fatigued,
And clinical depression, can be hard to distinguish.

I have found in the past that when I start questioning whether or not I have depression, and start doing online tests etc... that I actually do have depression.

I did the Goldberg Test and others last night, and all said 'severe depression', but at the same time I am not sleeping well and am very stressed.
I just cannot figure it out!
It creeps up on you over time ya know?
And you just shrug it off thinking things like "Sure I was laughing at **** earlier, I'm hardly depressed".

I had fully planned on going to the doctor today, but I couldn't manage to.
I just kept crying and felt like crap. (I also have the flu which doesn't help!)

I'll get to the doctor next week, but for now;
Where do you think that the line is crossed into clinical depression?

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