I've been looking at dresses as I've a few weddings coming up.

A friend of mine had mentioned a site called very.co.uk and I went on for a quick look, saw a few dresses I liked, one in particular caught my eye, it was £250.

I then went on to littlewoodsireland.ie and noticed they had the very same stock. The dress I saw on very.co.uk was €359 on littlewoods .

They are both the same company (shop direct) I can't believe there is such a big difference for their irish customers. I know it's nothing new but that is a huge variance and there is simply no excuse for it.

And guess what? Very.co.uk don't deliver to Ireland

Snotty email on the way - not that it will do any good whatsoever but it might make me feel a bit better!!!

Very Dress

Littlewoods Dress

Eriu Registered User

I noticed it too, it's disgraceful, I spotted a Superdry hoodie (approx €70)in my sister's Littlewoods catalogue and then searched for it online, found it at Kays, Empire, Very Additions and Littlewoods UK all at £45 but no delivery to Ireland. Sent obligatory snotty email to Littlewoods Ireland and received this:

"Thanks for your email about our prices.

We believe our prices are very competitive, We also offer the choice of spreading your payments over longer terms if you so wish, an option that is not available from all retailers, as well as free delivery.

We look forward to seeing you online again soon."

lud Registered User

I only noticed that! A cardigan I wanted to buy is €72 on littlewoods.ie and only £49 on Very ! Disgraceful !

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