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I am aware that certain mobile phone networks store text messages for certain periods and that Gardai can access them without a warrant. What I'm wondering is if anybody is aware if there are government\semi private bodies doing this?

Doylers Registered User

Hi as far as im aware its just in the US this is going on. In ireland I havent been told about this happening, but lets face it all your texts and yes evnen the deleted ones can be easliy recovered from a phone just like files on a pc.

Laois_Man Registered User

The Data Protection Act stipulates that data which can identify a person should not be held any longer then it is needed for the purpose it was collected for,

A big huge loop hole the size of the Grand Canyon!

Text messages are stored in Ireland. The Bush administration in the US satrted it after September 11th and got several allies around the world to follow suit....including Ireland. Not ALL thext messages are stored however, they are scanned for suspicious charachter strings and if found, all texts from that number will be kept.

Not only text messages but also activity relating to WAP Gateway usage.

Top secret. Shhh. I didn't tell you!

Feownah Registered User

Yes your text messages etc can be retrieved by the Garda siocalona. Nothing is 'Private' in this world. Watched a programme recently on how companies such as google and internet providers have records of your 'searches' and websites that you have gone to. All this data being kept about YOU.

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