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Hi everybody,
We'll start bringing our baby to a creche on May and there's some info I would like to know before I contact any.
I know there's a Bright Horizons and a Giraffe creche in the area. Is their good reputation really true?
Is there any good creche on the village itself?
How much should I expect to pay per month?
Should I reserve the place already even though the baby won't go until May?

Thanks a lot

Gaspode Woof!

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Hi Phil
I can tell you that Bright Horizons in Blanchardstown is a truely well run creche.
They cater for babies, toddlers and pre schol children. I have worked there and the staff are all genuinely interested in the babies well being and give attention to all children. The children are provided for in terms of meals and it's a fun environment for them, so i have no doubt your child will be well looked after too.

In terms of the cost and your childs place, you will have to go to their website and give them a ring

Hope that helps!

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that was very helpful. Thanks a lot. I was thinking about Bright Horizons or Giraffe in Clonsilla. Giraffe is more convenient, location wise, and staff and facilities look nice. What you described about Bright Horizons is exactly what I felt about it when I had a tour of the creche.
I still got a couple of weeks to decide...

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forgot to mention in my previous post, the teacher child ratio is very good in Bright Horizons! !

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I have snet my DD to a south dublin Giraffe centre and they were really good. have just seen the Giraffe centre in Clonsilla and they seme to have similar quality care biut its expensive.
But i have also seen a smallish creche called Magic Years almost opposite Coolmine station. Wondering if anyone have sent their Children or have any experienece with them.

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Oh forgot to mention , the creches around that area seem to be really busy. so book as early as possible.
Good Luck

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And to answer the how much question , it can range anywhere between 800 euro to 1100 euro a month for an infant. Rates gets cheaper ( 10-20%) in most of the creche after teh baby becomes one year.

Sorry about the multiple posts , new to boards :-(

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daiser said:
Im new to this too
For Magic years, i wont say much about it.

I didnt like my placement there due to one of the staff and couldnt stand by what i saw so I left.

They may have changed in the past year, but thats my memory!!
Hope i dont sound too negative, but thats the truth sadly!!
Hope that helps

Do you work in Bright Horizons now?

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I have my child in Cocoon in Phibblestown. No probs so far with it . Not sure if Im allowed say anyhthing else about it . But all good so far .

Gaspode Woof!

You can, be just be careful about being too specific if making allegations. The person you make the remarks about could well be reading this.

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just wondered if anyone has tried B horizons in swords? So many out there, it's really hard to know....

Gaspode Woof!

not sure if anyone would travel from D15 to Swords for a creche so you might get more responses on your query in the Dublin county north forum

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Gaspode.

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We uses Lolipops Creche (34 Clonsilla Road 15 Ph 8205107) a few years ago and were very happy with them.

They are about 200 yds up from the Chinese takeaway on the other side of the Clonsilla Road.

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