Ponster Moderator

WindSock said:

I still never learned how to make her cross though...I guess I was on her good side

Never too late to learn....interesting soundtrack on this one....esp on 2:34 mins


Ponster said:

I for one always have a st Bridgids cross on the wall.

You're supposed to burn that today, and make a new one. Or a plague be on your house.

It looks a bit Ikea, is Brigid outsourcing?


Ikky Poo2 said:
Little known fact: if you spin it fast enough, it produces a hypnotic Twilight-Zone style effect which makes the viewer dumbfounded and unable to change the channel for the next two hours (used to be done prior to the Late Late show)

Kinda redundant given that a sizeable chunk of their audience only had one channel ?

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