Banjo Registered User

Black (jp) - 3481 8594 0683
White (Eng) - 4770-6803-7866

I guess the D/P/Pt/SS/HG codes are redundant now.... end of an era
I'll be concentrating on White.
Not a lot on there to trade at the moment as I've only just opened the daycare centre. But I'll gladly take any spare awesome-mon you might have and give you any old ****e back.


white: 3654 0021 7540

tombomb96 Registered User

black: 3611 0684 5688 i have weak pokemon though


Black FC: 3052 6780 6664
Name: Dermot

I can breed Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig or Zoua if anyone wants

Buzzthebatgirl Registered User

Since Raze_Them_All asked:
My FC for B/W are:

Buzz♀ 4383 7789 0275 (Japanese White)
Emmy 2709 0840 0671 (English Black)

I use the Japanese White for making clones. That only runs on the DS Lite so I do have to turn on my old router to get that online. Turning on the router messes up my internet connection, so apologies in advance if I don't respond to PMs/chat messages during that time.

If there is huge trouble getting my Japanese game to connect for trading, please wait a few minutes while I transfer over Pokémon to the English game and use my secure internet connection on the DSi to finish the trade.

Sometimes I miss the old link cable trades, didn't have to worry about wireless security... I prefer to do trades in person if I can.

Once I have all my boxes filled I will have loads of IV bred Egg move Pokémon wanting new homes. Currently I have Timburrs with Mach Punch and Wide Guard, Tyrogues with Mach Punch, Litwicks with Heat Wave, Zorua with Snarl, another batch of Zoura with Counter, SuckerPunch and Dark Pulse.
Coming soon with be Ekans with Ice Fang and Dark Pulse, Deino with Dark Pulse and Ice Fang, Cottenee with Encore, Stunfisk with Pain Spilt, Alomomola with Pain Spilt and Meinfoo with Feint and Me First.

I also have loads of random shinys, they are mostly on the Japanese game. All shinys have been cloned, most have been got through the GTS and I can not guarantee legitness. As long as you don't mind these facts, the shinys are free, to spread the shiny love around. If you have a shiny and would like it cloned, please let me know and I will do it for you.

I do not use an Action Replay for cloning, rather I use this to back up my save file and then use PokéGen to make quick clones. I then load the edited save file onto my game, and that's what shows up on my DS. No AR used at all, no Pokémon are edited in my hands.

Robby91 Registered User

Pokemon White: 2365 5500 3260

looking_around Registered User

White: 4083 4746 5469

Justin Ternet Registered User

Black : 442710624026
The names Pizza I have a few level 1s but not much add me anywho.

Rendeva Registered User

White: 3267 4269 5158

My pokedex is up at 608 caught at the moment, and I will eventually complete it. I don't check IV's much, just EV train and nhope for the best. Currently EV training a team for the battle subway, and messing around with the dream world. Also, I will have a Modest Lv 100 Hydreigon soon I might be willing to trade for a nice shiny, it's not EV trained though so it's not for competetive battles. If there's any breedable mons you're looking I can probably get them for ya

popzmaster Registered User

Black FC:4255 2684 2303
I'm just gonna add everyone here with 5th gen code up always up for some battlan or tradan I'm gonna try to start breeding for IVs but ive **** all time on my hands so could be a while. but anyways yea add me yo

popzmaster Registered User

Sorry for double posting but I got a new DS so my FC is now 5372 2669 0930

weakid13 Registered User

Hey sorta new but
White FC: 2366 2343 2929
just got back into it in the last month so yep
mostly been trading venipedes on GTS like crazy for half decent stuff

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