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Anyone been able to successfully set in up on their PS3?

Flecktarn Registered User

I thought it wasn't even possible on a PC?


You might be able to access some radio content but TV will largely require a British IP address.

super_furry Registered User

Ah right, was hoping it might be as simple as setting up a new PSN Store account with a UK address.

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Can you not just use a UK proxy? Worked on my pc over the summer.

bladetrinity Registered User

how do you do that

amjon Registered User

Google it! You lazy fock.

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amjon said:
Google it! You lazy fock.


the_syco ITS SO FLUFFY!!!

bladetrinity said:
how do you do that

Google it.

Look at the Proxy FAQ of the forum

UK HTTP(s) proxy (24 hours subscription, non-recurring) 0.99 GBP
UK HTTP(s) proxy (3 days subscription, non-recurring) 1.99 GBP
UK HTTP(s) proxy (1 week subscription, non-recurring) 2.99 GBP
UK HTTP(s) proxy (2 weeks subscription, non-recurring) 3.99 GBP
UK HTTP(s) proxy (1 month subscription, non-recurring) 5.99 GBP

Shop around, and you'll get better than the above. No idea how you can do the proxy through your PS3, did it through the PC. In my case, the tape player failed so needed a way to watch something


I have a PS3 and it has a BBC iPlayer add-on programme for it. Whenever I try to watch a programme though it says "Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only".

I know the reason this message is coming up is because I live in Ireland, however is there any way to get around it? I've had the same issue before watching BBC content on their website and have been able to get around it by using a fake proxy.

Is there anyway to get it working on the PS3 without having to drive to the north?

Just one other thing, I have tried using my FoxyProxy proxy, username and password and when I load iPlayer, it asks for the username and password but when I enter the info and click OK, the boxes go blank and it asks me to enter them again.


Stuxnet Registered User

easiest way would be to purchase a monthly uk vpn account


BOBBY said:
easiest way would be to purchase a monthly uk vpn account

Any recommendations?

eddhorse Registered User

From here if it helps :

Watching BBC iPlayer shows in the US on your PS3

A few people emailed me follow-up questions from my post the other day about watching BBC iPlayer shows in the US on my PS3. If you try this regularly from a browser outside the UK you will get a message looking something like this:

Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you.

This message makes perfect sense, but how do you get around it. I do it the following way:
1. I have a UK VPN account, that allows my PC to appear as if it's from the UK. There are a number of services out there such as, for you need to get their personalVPN™ - SSL option to get a UK gateway.

2. I setup a small Windows XP VMWare machine, it only has 128 mb assigned to it, so I don't even notice it's running on my ESXi server. On that XP image I have installed the personalVPN client, and I have also installed CCProxy I use the demo version of CCProxy as I only have the PS3 and maybe my desktop connecting to it. I start the VPN client and when that is connected I then start CCProxy. I make a note of the IP address of the XP image (makes sense to use a static IP) and then switch over to the PS3.

3. On the PS3 I go through a custom setup of the network, and on;y change one setting from the default, and that is I tell the PS3 to use a proxy. When it prompts for the proxy I enter the IP address of the XP image and the port "808". Now all my browsing on the PS3 is done through the CCProxy which is connected to the internet through the personalVPN proxy. Which means to outside servers it appears as if I am in the UK.

One thing that is nice about this setup, is it still allows me to acccess the Windows Home Server and other media servers on my LAN, as they are not accessed through the proxy. If for some reason I need the PS3 to act like it's back in the US I can just remove the proxy setting. Another benefit of this setup is that I use Firefox as my regular browser, which means I can configure IE on my regular day to day machine to use the proxy, which allows me to watch the BBC iPlayer shows inside an IE window without having to run the VPN software and grab a new IP address.

This same approach works for the Channel 4 OD player, if you download the channel 4 player, and you have the proxy enabled.

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Hmm, for some reason i don't even get the option to watch the iPlayer on my PS3, didn't have the option on my old either. Yet when my nephew got a new for xmas and set it up in my gaff he got the option straight away.... I know it would be of no use to me anyway, but i'm just curious as to why it won't display...


Have you updated the software on the PS3 since you bought it? As far as I know, it came through with some software update several months ago.

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