seanob43 Registered User

I need someone to design a logo for my website,

I will be a pretty quick job I just need a designer to make it look professional.

If interested please PM me

moggie4000 Registered User

Hi Guys,

I am looking to get my website re-designed. I will also be looking to have a shop on the website to sell maybe 10-15 items. the website i have was fine when i started out but needs upgrading.

The web address is


Hellrazer Moderator

Hi all.

Im looking for a web designer to (possibly) design a brand new website for a group of companies from the ground up.

At the minute this is at proposal stage and has not been given the go ahead until I get it costed fully.

The website will be an online selling site which I want as simple to use for the ordinary user.

I will need paypal integrated into it and also a way to show what products are in stock in realtime.

It will need to process delivery and collection data from customers.

Pm for details as its probably better that I discuss the idea with someone personally.


gavney1 Banned


I am looking for a web designer, who can put an e-commerce site together, preferably using Joomla

It's going to be a fairly basic site i.e. only a few products (less than 50)

The reason I would prefer Joomla is that I know how to use it a bit, and it seems to be the best or one of the best.

I had intended putting everything together myself, but lack of time is now a problem.


shanemort Registered User

Im looking to get a site designed to manage subscriptions, and take paypal billing, I will prob offer 2-3 differant subscription options ie discount for longer etc, This would suit student preferbly with linux backround as im trying to have the site intigrate to my linux server to auto setup usernames etc.

Dont have a large budget hence might suit student.

PM for more details.


Eire-Dearg Registered User

I'm currently proposing the creation of a sports blog/website. This will built on WordPress and I'm looking for someone to do the design work.

Possible templates/ideas:

I'm looking for lots of main page information, and other features that will add to the design such as on the post page. Good categorization as well.

I have a vivid idea of the various aspects that I'd like so it's just a matter of putting it in motion.

Feel free to PM.

ITdesigner Registered User

Im on the hunt for a creative web designer to join our friendly Dublin based webdesign team.
Needs to have strong eye for design and enjoy a fast paced work environment – opportunity for growth.

Please contact me for job description and further details

moggie4000 Registered User

moggie4000 said:
Hi Guys,

I am looking to get my website re-designed. I will also be looking to have a shop on the website to sell maybe 10-15 items. the website i have was fine when i started out but needs upgrading.

The web address is


Thanks to all who replied. I still haven't found anyone. I probably should have said that my budget is €500.00

Nokia08 Registered User

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a quote for a e-commerce/ Classified ads website. Simplicity is key.

I don't want to get into details publicly but if interested PM me.

It should work similarly to if you wish to want to compare it to anything. But it should also have the ability to have frequent updates from me eg/ Blog format.


Cianos Registered User

Hi folks,
I posted this in the Development forum but thought there'd be no harm posting here too. I'm looking for someone who can build a site similar to chatroulette (peer to peer video chat), with some extended features.

It could use Adobe Cirrus. There are plenty of scripts out there too which if determined to be a good starting point could be used.

If interested just get in touch.

peckerhead Registered User

I have a very straightforward text-rich site that I want to transfer to a new website based on Wordpress (to be hosted by I have moved the domain name to them and signed up for their 70-page eCommerce site, and played around with their idiot-proof website builder, but I'd like to try something a bit more ambitious and need a little outside help. It's a not-for-profit website, so I don't have a big budget, but I'm looking for someone to take the pain out of it as I don't have any experience of this and it needs to be done reasonably soon (by end June if at all possible).

Ideally, I'd like someone in Limerick, who'd be prepared to let me watch over their shoulder and explain what they're doing, so I'd have some idea how to do it myself if the need arose again. I think a couple of hours would probably do the job, or maybe a couple of sessions of same. Either at my workplace or wherever suits.

PM me for more details if you're interested.

Keano! Registered User

Need a volunteer to help me with a CSS/web layout project I'm in the middle of. I've been told it will take between 3 and 4 hours work.

It involves manipulating a website design already made into a slightly altered state.

I have the base theme bought, and images are all created, ready to go. I just need the CSS now.

All help much appreciated. Please get back to me if you think you can help.

arbitrage Registered User

I am in the process of designing my Facebook business page.

I am looking for a professional to create a Facebook page with good marketing ideas but specifically geared to getting people to "like" the page so that their friends will come to the Facebook page and through Facebook will be directed to my website.

There will be a marketing campaign launched on Facebook which will link directly to my website which will have all the usual Facebook "like" buttons so some expertise in how to maximise the likes from my website would also be required.

I will require 6 tabs - Wall, Info and 4 custom tags. Is this possible?


A web designer will also be required to design a five page website, relatively basic but clean and professional in appearance.


If someone could give me a link to some Facebook business pages that they consider to be top quality in terms of design and customer acquisition strategies that would be appreciated.


Recommendations would be appreciated also for designers with a portfolio of previous projects.

Zascar Moderator

Guys I'm looking for someone to take care of the SEO on a new wordpress website. It's a brochure site for a business consultancy, new site done and happy but I need someone separate to take care of the SEO within the site (cia whatever plugin you prefer etc) and also advise on other ways to improve SEO. Also if you have any adwords experince there might be some more work in it too... Please pm me for more details. Thanks

K_A Registered User


I'm looking for somebody to design/develop a photography site. I have a design in mind but actually putting that up on screen is an entirely different matter for me. I'd rather not say too much here other than the site will be pretty minimal and will not be packed with images. Anyone interested please feel free to send me a PM.


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