Supermantoo Registered User

Hi there,

I am a designer looking for somebody to set up an Ebay HTML listing for me for my store.

I have spec'd up a design of exactly the layout I am looking for and instructions on the make up of the page.

Small job for small money but if anybody is interested let me know.




Hi guys,

This seemed like the best place to post this! I'm looking for a web designer to team up with preferably in/near the Cavan area, I'm a developer but i don't have the design skills to provide the whole package.

Interested in seeing design examples/previous work, pm for more info!


mute101 Registered User

Is there anyone that will do me a simple 3/5 page 'salescopy style' website asap?
Features i need.... name/email capture box, payment facility (have set up account with, auto responder for new sign up's, .
I have one other question about it but i need to talk about it rather than type it here, its a bit confusing.
I have the banner designed already, just need a pre made template style site, quick job.
If anyone can do this for a cheap price, please let me know, send me a private mail on here.
Im in Mayo by the way, would be handy if the person was from Mayo also.
Thanks, let me know.

Hydromonkey Registered User


I'm looking for a new site designed from the ground up. Nothing fancy but SEO is very important.

Site should entail about 12 Pages total including a small gallery and request a quote page. Content will just be text and images with some PDF datasheets linked.

Price will not be the main deciding factor on this project, it will come down to who we think can deliver us the best design & SEO solution.

PM me if you need any more details

J_Dublin15 Registered User

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a few graphics to be created for a new football fan site which we are hoping to launch in time for the new English Premier League season.

We do not have a huge budget but basically want a few 468x60 banners creating, along with a website logo.

There is also the prospect of additional work in the future on this and other projects as things get off the ground, but initally it would be for a few graphics and a logo, with an option for extra graphics if the inital ones go well.

I personally have got the back-end of the website coded, but just need someone to help me with the graphics.

MagicMan2 Registered User

Hi I want to get a Website set up to advertise my new Motivational speaking business for Sports teams and Business. Please contact me if you are interested in doing it.

icitie Registered User


I'm currently looking for a developer that is looking for an exciting project to get stuck in to.

It is a mobile app with a web portal for users to update info contained in the app.
It will need to allow customise locations; only showing specific user locations on the map.
It will need to be able to publish info to social networks.

I want to create using a local software

PM me if your interested

Trojan Ask me about websites

Hi folks,

I'm looking for either an individual or a company to do some Magento development work done for a client of ours. The job involves customising an existing install.

I have a spec written up, contact me if you're interested:

The slow way: PM me here on boards.
The quick way: send me an @reply on Twitter at WebsiteDoctor.


thcce40 Registered User

Speaking of websites, I am currently building one and need help!!
I want to allow visitors to the website download a music album. How do I do this? Im using Serif webplus2. I own the copyrights to the album so no issues there. Thanks in advance!!!

rob_ Registered User

Hi all,
I have a website, and I need a very small amount of editing done to it. I literally want to change the text and add one page. I have a budget of about €200.
Anyone interested please pm me

Cyrus Registered User

Hi all,

a friend and i are currently at the concept stage of an online business, but if our initial market survey findings look positive we will move forward with it.

basically it will be a website that allows people to tender for particular services, depending on the service required there will be specific forms for each etc, i can explain more via pm if anyone can help. Obviously then people will need to be able to review the responses to their tenders.

Also we will require am E Commerce facility for payment for use of the service.
I appreciate this is all very early stage and we arent ready to start designing yet but if anyone out there has done something similar, please get in touch via pm


dd2283 Registered User

i want to set up a site with about 6 pages and would have to be able accept payment on the site, if you are intrested send me a pm. thanks

shanemort Registered User

Hi Looking at a new business idea and I will need a one page website setup and designed, 1 Pager with some logo's for it.

This is a new business and I have close to zero cash so free would be a price i would be interested in, If this takes off then we would need a larger page with more logos etc so there would be money in it then for you.

Anyone wanna help a brother out!

nige Registered User


Dont know if this is the right place but I am looking to get a website redesigned / brought upto date as it is old now.(or even a new site if it would be easier)

I would also need some sort of booking engine as one of our hotel agent will give us a xml feed of there hotels which we can put on our site and a online payment system maybe paypal.

The website is

Looking to get this done without costing an arm and a leg, as I get one quote which was mad money.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated


Rhythm Ireland Registered User


I have a new project ongoing at the moment and it requires the re-building/design of a small website. I would prefer to work with an indvidual rather than a company as the budget is relatively low.

The site is quite audio based and will require a few bits of flash audio
to be uploaded (e.g. so it plays directly in the browser). This would suit
someone whos better at multimedia/graphics than database's etc. (and if your into radio and tv all the better!).

Please contact me directly through private message for further information.

Thanks for reading!

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